Calculation of the power supply wattage modern gaming PC

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Until recently, any problems with the choice of power supply for the computer did not arise.I Bought, set and forget to breakage.After he went down, I bought a new source, which successfully replaced the previous one.This method is triggered when the computer is nothing else besides him, do not break.But now the situation has changed dramatically, to the choice of this element must be very thorough approach.Through research, to date, we developed a lot of methods that allow you to calculate the power supply unit.

main consumers of electrical energy in the computer - it is the processor, graphics card (sometimes also referred to as a graphics accelerator), coolers (cooling fans, in a modern gaming system unit there are several), memory (consumes a little, but it is also necessarytaken into account), the motherboard and a hard disk magnetized.Each of these elements has its own power consumption, and during an operation such as calculation of power supply unit, these figures need to be considered.

We start with the processor, as this is one of the most energy-intensive parts.For example, the most powerful processor of Analog Micro Devices FX series with the index 8350 has a TDP of 125 watts.This does not mean that it consumes 125W.Its cooling system should be designed for the removal of precisely this amount of heat.Second, the main consumer of energy in the computer - graphics accelerator.Not the most productive is not the hottest of today AMD video card series Radeon 6990 in the peak mode is able to consume 450 watts.Motherboard at maximum load consumes an average of 75 watts.Next, add 60 W to the hard drive, and if there is a drive DVD-RW, it also increases the power of 30 watts.At the end of 20 W to take into account the cooling system and 10 watts on memory modules.As a result of the summation of 770 watts such thing as the power supply unit.It is recommended to take a source of electrical energy to the computer with a margin.In our case it is best to purchase 800 watts.

In the simplest case, the calculation power of the power supply produced by summing the energy consumed by each component separately.The next step is the number rounded up to the nearest available value, as in our case was obtained 770 W, and the result was rounded up to 800 watts.

The logical conclusion of this course of events was the complete automation of the process, as the calculation of the power supply unit.Now developed a number of programs, which include a database with detailed data on each device on the market.The end user simply selects the components for your computer, on the basis of such a configuration is calculated.The program gives the minimum acceptable value of this parameter for such electronic computer.

At the end result is the easiest way how to check the power of the power supply using a multimeter.To do this, you must first check the voltage in the direct measurement of the wall outlet.The next step is to shift to a current measurement and determine its value to the maximum load the PC (this force load a computer running an increasing number of programs).These values ​​are multiplied and get the power consumption.If this number is less than the nominal, it's all right.Otherwise, it needs more detailed diagnosis and determine the causes of incorrect operation.All this can be done only in the service center.