Paste polishing: the properties and characteristics

polishing paste - it is usually abrasive mixture that includes in its structure micron and binding solid or pasty consistency.It is possible to consider the properties and characteristics of the material.

Key Features

Paste polishing may belong to one of two groups: water, fat-free or fat.In a non-abrasive portion of the fat compositions include fatty acids, waxes, oils and other components, that is, those that are not washed off with water under normal conditions.These pastes can be easily removed with a dry clean cloth in the final stage of polishing work.However it is better to check first on a small area of ​​the surface of how good they are deleted.


often abrasive part is decisive for the application of the composition and its name.When included are cubic boron nitride micropowder, polishing paste is named cubanite or CBN.The diamond diamond powder formulations are natural or artificial origin.In addition to the powders in the paste typically comprise surfactants, fats, and other binders.They are thin in the polishing tool used.To distinguish pasta and purpose: to polish non-ferrous metals, hardened steels and other materials.

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Paste polishing must meet certain requirements:

  • ensure a smooth surface having a high gloss;
  • be sufficiently strong and tough, and have a uniform composition;
  • quality stay on the working surface of the polishing wheel;
  • not crumble and do not crumble, do not scratch and does not contaminate the surface being treated.

abrasive polishing paste

Aggressiveness additives often depends on where the composition should be applied.In processes such as milling, turning, metal extractor, and the like, it is possible to apply a relatively unstable compound because corrosion in this case plays a minor role.But ultrathin abrasive lapping treatment can cause increased chemical corrosion.

Bunch paste is chosen depending on of the operation for which it is designed.The bunch of pasta included supplements - stearic and oleic fatty acids and fatty basis.Hardness composition is achieved by the addition of paraffin.The main chemicals which contribute to enhancing the process of refinement can be called stearic and oleic acids.

paste polishing, the price of which is from 1000 rubles (depending on the destination), and includes a non-abrasive components, which play a role ligament.The composition of bundles usually include special intensifiers that prevent increased consumption and increase the utilization of cutting properties of abrasive grains.With light pressure it very well melt in the cutting zone, keeping the circle.

polishing paste often contains in its composition dielectrics that enhance its performance.