Repair system unit at home

System unit - a whole range of devices, tightly interacting with each other.This is a fairly reliable system, provided that it was originally assembled from quality components and specialists who know their job.But sometimes there are problems that may require intervention, but an ordinary PC user vaguely imagine the device chassis.Some problems require the intervention of skilled craftsmen, and some can be solved at home.Repair system units is not a problem after reading this article.So, let's begin.

What is the system unit?This set of devices, ensuring your computer.Their list includes a motherboard and CPU, RAM, graphics card, hard disk drive (HDD), network and sound cards, power supply, and a number of other optional devices.

instability of the computer most often associated with problems in the software.That is to deal with this is possible only at the level of the operating system, without physical intervention in the computer hardware stuffing.However, there are problems in which the user is still required to repair the system unit.

For example, a common problem - overheating of components.From this often suffers the CPU.If not initially consider effective cooling system, in the future it may become a cause of unstability of your computer.Permanent overload shutdown - direct proof that the processor is overheating.

Repair system unit may also be necessary if the computer simply will not start.Most likely, the reason lies in the failed power supply.Unfortunately, they are rarely amenable to fix, it is easier to change.

various artifacts on the screen, especially during some of the game - a direct indication that the card is not functioning properly.Sometimes it helps to reinstall the drivers or the updating to the latest version.If not, it is the same as the central processor, to check the cooling system.

By the way, in order to check the temperature of various components, it is sufficient to install a third-party software, for example, Everest.The complex will also help to diagnose components.To find the peak temperature of a device of the system unit, contact the manufacturer.For example, processors, this value should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.

repair the system unit, but not always possible to perform independently.For example, swollen capacitors on the motherboard.This phenomenon is associated with periodic surges in the network or by manufacturing defects of the board.In the service center capacitors can rewire and replace with new ones, or offer to replace the entire motherboard.

In any case, if you are sure that the system unit repair their own will not be able to make, it is advisable to refer to specialists.It will save you time and nerves, as well as protect against larger failures.