How to cook mustard sauce

Mustard is present on any dinner table for more than a thousand years.According to legend, Alexander the Great King Darius had quarreled with and received from him a gift bag of sesame seeds - the symbol of the might of the Persian army.In response, he sent the king a little grain of mustard, alluding to the fact that his army, though small, but temperamental and tireless.Currently, such grains are prepared mustard sauce gives the dish with which it is used, some fortress.

seasonings used in Russian cuisine, give the sauce an extra richness and pungency.So, there can be used dried dill, black pepper, honey and various herbs.This liquid seasoning for savory food is well suited to people who have broken the balance of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

mustard sauce reveals absolutely any taste of meat and fish.Consider a few recipes of its preparation.

1. Classic mustard sauce

ingredients: two tablespoons of strong mustard, one teaspoon of mayonnaise, one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon of water.

first brewed syrup.For this sugar is mixed with water and boiled to form bubbles in the mixture (plus an additional one minute).In the finished syrup, put the mustard, mayonnaise and stir well.

2. mustard sauce with egg (for seasoning salads)

ingredients: two tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of sour cream, two tablespoons of mustard and flour, half a liter of soup, one egg yolk, lemon juice, dill, sugar and salt.

melt butter, add flour and stir fry.Then slowly pour in the broth, add sugar and premix of lemon juice, egg yolks and cream.All of this mix and remove from heat.Sprinkle with mustard sauce for the salad with chopped dill.

3. French

Sauce Ingredients: a glass of French mustard, a glass of egg yolks, one glass of white wine, one glass of vinegar, sugar, broth and melted butter.

prepared components are placed in a bowl, stir and put on fire.Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture begins to thicken.Further added to taste the salt and sugar.

served this liquid seasoning for boiled or roasted beef, poultry, chilled fish or venison.

4. mustard sauce with capers

Ingredients: two eggs, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, half a spoon of mustard, three spoonfuls of vinegar, one tablespoon small capers, half a spoon of sugar.

yolks of two eggs cooked rubbed with salt, sugar, mustard, slowly pour in vegetable oil and then diluted with vinegar.

The resulting sauce is added capers and chopped proteins.This seasoning is served chilled to fish: pike, salmon, sturgeon, and to canned fish.

5. mustard sauce with vegetable oil

Ingredients: half a cup of vegetable oil, half a spoon of vinegar or sour juice, half teaspoon salt, one teaspoon of sugar, half a spoon of mustard, pepper.

oil, half a spoon of sugar, juice and salt whisk with a fork in a glass container.The mixture was then heated and cooled, added mustard, sugar and mixed well.

delivers the liquid seasoning for meat and cold appetizers.

As you can see, recipes mustard sauce pretty much and what kind you choose depends on taste preferences cooking.