How to make homemade dumplings

Dumplings - known Siberian dish, which eventually gained popularity not only throughout Russia but also outside the country.Today, you can buy ready-made dumplings in any supermarket or shopping center, but the taste can hardly be compared with those prepared at home.

Once homemade ravioli stocking up for the winter in large quantities.Typically, the hostess was kneading and rolling out dough, and gathered in a tight circle of households molded finished products.Long-term storage pelmeshek contributed to winter cold, typical of the central part of Russia.

Today, there are many recipes for how to cook homemade ravioli.There are several variations of the dough: water, kefir, eggs and without brewing.

even more kinds of meat, used as a filling.Stuffing can be cooked from pork, beef, poultry (chicken or turkey).In modern interpretations exist even dumplings with cheese and fish.

From the most common ways to cook regular cooking in boiling water.But there are also recipes for baking in the oven, frying in a pan, languishing in pots or steamed.Some particularly advanced housewives cook dumplings in modern devaysakh household appliances - multivarka or steamers.

How to cook the dough

test - a major component of the recipe.It was from him will depend on the taste of the future dumplings.The test mass should not be slaughtered, to homemade ravioli clung well, then do not separate at the seam during cooking.The thin dough burst the stuffing, which also affect the appearance of the finished product.The thickness of the layer should be about 0.5-0.7 cm.

Prepare dough as follows.In a deep bowl break two eggs, add a cup of water and mix thoroughly whisk.You can add salt schepotochku if you do not, nothing terrible will happen.Dosolit always be water in the cooking process.

After whipped eggs and water gradually introduce the flour, not forgetting continuously and vigorously stirred with a fork.It does not allow form lumps.When the dough starts to lag behind the walls of the cookware and its shift to a flat surface, previously abundantly floured.Continue kneading on the table, until the dough no longer stick to the hands and acquires elasticity.

How to cook minced

To prepare minced meat and onion mince, add spices to taste.To improve the taste, you can use cold cuts.For example, mix pork with beef, pork or poultry.Dumplings with a pork can be very fatty.

How to sculpt the homemade ravioli

separated from the finished dough is rolled out and a small piece of a thin layer.Sculpt dumplings can be both manually and with the help of available funds.Of course, the easiest to use Pelmennica.She and the process accelerates and the dumplings themselves neat and obtained the same shape.

to cook dumplings homemade, special knowledge is not required.In boiling salted water gently pour the right amount of pelmeshek.Do not forget to stir constantly, so they do not stick to the bottom of the pan.After floating on the surface and re-boiling water is boiled for a further five minutes.