What a cake for a year to choose?

So went the first year of baby's life.For some, it may seem too long due to the large number of different challenges faced by virtually all parents.But be that as it may, sooner or later ends.Now the child enters a new stage of development, and a new round of its long and happy life.

In approaching holiday every mom thinks about how to mark the first anniversary of the baby, to make it memorable and vivid.And sooner or later all comes to choosing the main action hero festive table.So, what children's cake for a year to prepare the child?

And mom again in turmoil and experience!Where to order or buy ready-made cake?But it might be worth it to bake at home?How to decorate a cake for a year?What products should I use?And a million questions, the answers to which are very hard to find.

Whichever option is chosen parents, we must always remember that treats should be safe for the baby, did not make him an allergy, and especially of food poisoning.When ordering, buying a cake or homemade, it is important to remember to ensure the quality of the ingredients and products.It is not necessary to give preference pie with synthetic additives, emulsifiers, preservatives, even though they are part of permitted substances, but a small and growing body are completely useless.Cake on the basis of fat cream is bad for not yet fully developed liver of the child and can cause stomach upset.

One good solution to the problem with a choice - to cook or order two kinds of celebratory cake.One - a specially prepared cake for one year old baby, and the other for adults only.To prepare the children's version of the ideal air curd cakes with the addition of a minimum amount of dough eggs.As a basis for the cream You can use yogurt.This cake will surely be not only delicious, but also useful for a small birthday and invited his peers.Sponge cakes are not particularly desirable.Suddenly the guests, children are allergic to egg white and a holiday can be spoiled.

Decorating a cake for a year can be different.There are no restrictions and can not be.Someone orders a sweet "carriage with the princess" - a cake fit for girls.Another popular "cars" of the famous cartoon - this cake definitely be happy with the little "Schumacher".Still others come trite and bought a cake in the form of the number "one."For all children, boys and girls, are ideal for cakes in the form of small animals or fairy tale characters: bears, seals, baby, clowns and others.

Naturally, none of the cake for a year is not without blowing out the candles, in fact it causes a storm of emotions, joyful experience at the kid and remembered for a lifetime (unless the child is present at the celebration adult guests so well).My parents love to take pictures of a happy attractive face of his child at this time.Small candles on a big cake would look a little lonely, so you can buy a special figured or decorative candles.The main thing is that it is organically fit into the overall design of the birthday cake.