How to fry the liver so that it turned out juicy and soft?

Do you know how to fry the liver so that it turned out juicy and soft?Only be taken into account some of the rules.The most delicious dishes can be obtained from calf and beef liver, pork less tender, but the chicken, by contrast, is very soft and juicy.Choosing a product, pay attention to its color.It should be complete, but not so dark as this may indicate poor quality.Before cooking, a by-product to be processed.First, remove the film.If a piece pour boiling water, then place it in cold water, will make it much easier.Plenochki will be removed fairly easily.Thereafter, the liver must soak in milk (total 30 minutes).This will get rid of some peculiar smell.

So, how to fry the liver?First, it must be cut into pieces a la carte, by removing all the bile ducts.The product is then put back into the milk is recommended.At this time, you can prepare the breading.Add the flour and a little herb mix.The most harmonious taste the dish will add thyme, thyme, and rosemary.

continue to further our culinary conversation on the topic of how to fry liver.Prepared and soaked pieces were dried with a paper towel, add some salt and a little crumble in breadcrumbs.Then fry them lightly on each side for 2-3 minutes.To get a soft dish, it must be put out.Add to the pan a little water, turn the burner on the very least, close the lid and leave the dish on the plate for another 10 minutes.This is necessary to periodically turn the pieces.Check the readiness of dishes, you can use an ordinary knife.Pierce is one of the slices and note the juice.If it is a cloudy color, frying needs to continue, and if clear - the dish is ready.

How to fry the chicken livers?

The process of preparing this dish is not much different from the previous one.However, chicken livers can be put out in the sauce.It turns out very tasty and original.

need for cooking one onion, flour, salt, sour cream, pepper, water, bay leaf, liver and vegetable oil.The running water my main product, then pour over boiling water.Sift half cups of flour, add salt and pepper.Clean up and diced onion.Fry in butter.Boned liver in flour and spread it on the pan.Those who do not like onions, can prepare the dish without it.How to fry the chicken livers?The dish is being prepared about 10 minutes at a minimum heat with the lid closed.At the same pieces you need to stir constantly.

Cooking sauce

Mix 200 grams of sour cream, a spoonful of flour, pepper and salt.When the mass is smooth, adding a glass of water.Pour the sauce into the pan and continue frying on the liver over medium heat.When the sauce comes to a boil, add the bay leaf.After that, the fire can be turned off.However, the dish should be another five to seven minutes to stand on the plate under the lid closed.Fresh greens perfectly complement this exquisite dish, giving it the flavor and freshness.Serve it can with potatoes, rice, pasta or vegetables.

Bon appetit!