How to cook salted cucumbers in a package

Who does not like salted cucumbers ?!Just do not all know how to cook them a delicious, much more quickly.Most housewives are well aware that quickly salted cucumbers pickling usual way with water and oppression will not cook.The process takes at least a couple of days.

But it turns out there is a lightning-fast recipe of favorite dishes.As a result, a simple and rapid salting hostess gets elegant taste, which reduces crazy flavor ovation households, and all of the usual salted cucumbers in a package.

For such a rapid method of salting is better to use young fruits are small.Even tastier is obtained if it will gherkins.Then, cucumbers and will look nice and bright green color does not lose, and the crunch will be canceled.

salted cucumbers in the package - the ingredients

To prepare the required freshly young cucumbers, salt, spices.The calculation of the amount of salt being the ratio of one to two tablespoons per 1 kg of vegetables.Of course, this ratio is not the only correct one.One silnosolenye like cucumbers, while others prefer to eat less salt.So it is wise to use salt to taste.There is one caveat - too little salt can lead to damage of cucumber or a small shelf life.Therefore, it is necessary to find a middle ground.

Many housewives sometimes add a pinch of sugar, but this ingredient can not be considered binding.You can try to do with sugar and without, and then decide which option is more like it.

As for spices, then they can be used as:

  • black pepper (peas);
  • currant leaves;
  • bay leaf;
  • grape leaves;
  • herbs (dill, parsley);
  • horseradish, garlic.

If something is at hand - it does not matter.For any recipe - it is a creative process.And each product can always choose any alternative.The only lack of horseradish in the cooking process can strip the fruit of crispiness, which is the main parameter for assessing the quality of the passage of any pickle.

How to cook salted cucumbers package

vegetables thoroughly washed under running cold water.Then cut off the tips of both sides.In several places with a fork or make punctures a knife through - do this it is necessary, in order to quickly penetrate into the salt.

cucumbers with salt and spices lay in a plastic bag.It is best to take two packets, then there will be less chance of leakage of cucumber juice, which will certainly begin to stand under the influence of salt.

whole thing carefully knotted and mixed by conventional shake-up of the package.

thus prepared cucumbers placed in a cool place.In ordinary apartments add-on is the fridge, in the country or in the village, you can use the basement or cellar.After 2-4 hours of salted cucumbers in a package ready and they can bring to the table!

Tip: You can use the package instead of the usual plastic container.This is, firstly, more aesthetic and hygienic, and secondly, the chance of leakage is reduced by several times, and third, which is transported to the site of the picnic, if foreseen.