The fed lynx in the forest?

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What kind of animal - a lynx?Where it lives?The fed lynx in the forest?If you want to know the answers to these questions, then this article is for you.


Lynx - it's the same cat, just the size of a large dog.Her legs were long and short body.For a man is an animal is not dangerous, although there are myths that the lynx catches people.It fades in the spring and the fall.When several of these animals are found, then they greet each other with their noses as if kissing.From the picture it looks so very cute.It inhabits the animal not only in the forest, it is often found in forests, which are in the mountains, in the forest or in the forest.

these mammals love to catch people not to eat, but for the sake of fur, which can be very profitable to sell, because it is very rare and expensive.Even mink can not be compared with the fur.Therefore, hunters often try to catch them, but it rarely turns out as the lynx is very cautious and smell danger a mile away.


These animals are of different species, but the most common - Eurasian lynx.Power it varied, but mostly small rodents.She is good at climbing trees and jumping in length, about 3-4 meters.How is this different from a small pet cat, it's the fact that it is able to swim great, even better than many dogs.Lynx live in the forests, which are closer to the north.Of course, there should not be more predators lynx, but live many weak or sick animals.

How you can profit in the woods?

The fed lynx in the forest?Rabbits - is its main food.On the day of the lynx can overcome about 30 kilometers.They have a brush on the ears, which are given to them not for beauty.Thanks to them trot know in advance about the danger.This is a very cautious animal that can walk on the snow, so that even a trace remained.They hide in caves or hollow.Lynx great hunters, but only in the evening and during the day they rest and gain strength.In autumn juveniles go hunting with their parents and learn from them all the tricks.Researchers found that lynx eats very little.That is a hare they have enough for a day.

The lynx feeds?It primarily eat those animals, some will win and overcome.It can be white defenseless rabbits, as mentioned above, though, when the snow is not easy to catch them - these helpless animals are good at disguise.Zaitsev they catch every day, but eat them every 3 or 4 days, that they have enough to go hungry for several days.Also lynx prey on weak deer, birds, such as grouse and grouse, as well as mice, rats.The sick and the helpless animals are also attracted to them.

If you can not dine in the forest ...

When on the ground a lot of snow, wild animals lynx few people can catch, so goes to the homes where there are pets.Usually it is doing this procedure late at night, to no one saw it, and steals sheep or goats.

That which is not exactly refuse predator

Scientists have studied well what and how lynx eats what animals.She usually uses only those victims whom she killed herself, and she did not recognize the carrion.Even if she is very hungry, the corpse of an animal, it hardly touches.

What else would lure for lynx and how the process of hunting?

Altai this animal is larger and uses a moose, roe deer.Lynx do not hunt in packs, like wolves, and alone.She will not live in those places where there is no food, and will be promoted as long as does not see that this place can be something to profit.This lynx does not like to lead a nomadic life.It was only when she knows that in certain areas a lot of animals that you can hunt it, then it is there, and settles for a long time.Evening trot goes hunting, climbs a tree, clearly visible from the review, and watching whether there is a nearby victim.

top Seeing the potential victim, trot down to the ground and sits in ambush, waiting.She never jumping on the victim from above, and hunts only at the bottom, usually attacking from behind.Lynx is able to hide so well that the poor animal never seen, where it may appear.If she does not see the victim in advance, then it will sit in wait of several hours to several days.Lynx hunting even when not hungry - it's in her blood.The main thing - to catch prey.Ambush she arranges a little higher up the slope to a future production well to be seen.

If well-fed lynx catches the victim, then it it will not even be hidden for a rainy day.Just throw it where killed and gone.This bloodthirsty cat will spare no animal.According to statistics, a lynx kills in the year about two hundred birds.In the winter snow season, it kills the deer every day, but eats only the most delicious meat, just leave all unnecessary and makes stocks.

Lynx taiga

Sometimes representatives of the feline species are found in coniferous forests.The fed lynx in the forest, in the forest, where a lot of thick trees?

In these areas the climate is very heavy, which is why animals have a hard time there.Over time, they, of course, adapt.The snow is very deep there, so in the winter it is difficult to move animals.But in the forest food very much, both in summer and in winter.However, in the cold to get their own food, all animals are not under force.In the taiga lynx are found not in such large quantities, but still come across.

They settled only in dark and lonely places, where it is often possible to meet hares and other animals that is acceptable for the lynx.Many animals living in the forest, have poor eyesight, but have lynx is simply excellent.With this easy to prey on cats of different birds that live in the forest.Also, there are found deer, lynx which gladly uses.That is what feeds the lynx in the forest.


Lynx are more habit to hunt foxes.And not because they eat them, but in order to get rid of competitors, who are also fond of birds.If she will remove the path of the fox, then that will haunt the trot to steal her prey.We trot enemies are very few, but they are still there.

There are even those who eat at a trot in the forest or in the forest.In those places where there are many wolves, lynx does not dwell, as it is the first of its enemies.If they see the cat, catch it anyway, because it can not run more than 80 meters, then she starts to choke.Wolves run longer, so the predator to catch up with them worthless.Although, as noted, it is a rare phenomenon.If you meet on the way the wolverine, the lynx is not exactly lucky.Wolverine drives her to a tree, eventually spoiled her out and kill with ease.As the forces they are the same, only the lynx is not much adapted to the taiga conditions, so do not immediately find where to flee and where to hide.

Who eats trot else?Registered one case where a lynx killed the Siberian tiger, the scientists are now trying to track it coincidence or reality.For the Tigers no longer notice so that they can attack the big cats.

Conclusion As can be appreciated, a variety of food trot.Its victims can become almost any living creatures, ranging from small rodents to large animals, even the household.And not always at the same time she's hungry and she just predator, and this should be taken for granted.Although people because of that do not like the lynx.At night a large male can eat up to three kilograms of meat when fed regularly.

If he had not eaten for days, and then maybe 6 kilograms consumed.Lynx plays a very important role in the forest, because it kills not only useful animals, but also the sick and the weak.We need to take care of members of the genus of the cat, as they are today considered to be virtually extinct.