How do I know whether or not to privatize the apartment?

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Privatization - a form of transformation of ownership through the transfer to private hands.The purpose of the process - to attract a more effective method of managing property.Depending on the type of object isolated privatize apartments, land and property companies.This question may be of interest, such as relatives of the deceased person, who want to sell the house.More details on where and how to find out whether or not to privatize the apartment, see this article.

Data Access

Today in Russia most of the property is privately owned.After the entry into force of the Federal Law "On privatization" Russian citizens can receive free of charge the right to own housing facilities they use.But some of the apartments is still in the state or municipal property.Therefore, free privatization of apartments was extended until 2018.

MP made such a decision, as the majority of citizens who take shelter in emergency or dilapidated premises may lose the right to change the form of ownership.And people who are registered as being in need in square meters, may not have time to take advantage of this same right.

Privatization apartment legally permits citizens to transact the sale, transfer by inheritance, and so on. D. Participants may obtain reliable information on the project.

How do I know whether or not to privatize the apartment

easiest and most convenient way - to request information in Rosreestra.The same option is ideal if the housing was privatized until January 31, 1998, but then it is an object of purchase and sale, donation or exchange.All this information is displayed in the Unified State Register of rights to real estate (USRR).It is the largest database created in 1998 for the implementation of state control over the implementation of real estate transactions.In addition, it contains information about the presence of arrests or charges.Get information on the subject can be any citizen of Russia, providing:

  • identification;
  • application to request data;
  • receipt of payment of fees.

For legal entities expanded the list:

  • certificate of state registration of the institution;
  • charter documents;
  • extract from gosreesta;
  • document INN assignment;
  • power of attorney and a passport representative of the organization.

This is where to get a certificate of privatization.Validity of the document - 30 days.The information is 100% correct only for the first day of receipt paper.Therefore, give the document to interested persons should as soon as possible.If the database will not USRR data, then the process of changing the form of ownership does not occur at all, or was issued before 1998, and no longer on the project deal was concluded.

How to get the data through the privatization department

apply to the Companies House and fill out an application form.The application form gives the employee.Applied to the document copy of the passport, and for legal entities will also need a certificate of state registration of the company, charter documents, articles of incorporation, notarized power of attorney.State fee can be paid directly to Companies House via the cashier.Further, the employee will issue a "Receipt of acceptance of information processing", which will include the time of receipt of the statement.Usually it is three days.On the appointed day should come to Rosreestr with a passport and take a receipt from the original statement signed by the registrar of living.Information on privatization of apartment contains such data:

  • cadastral number of the object;
  • name;
  • appointment;
  • exact area;
  • address;
  • name holders, the share of each of them;
  • existing restrictions;
  • a contract of equity;
  • data on existing judicial requirements.

information is provided on a paid basis.The amount depends on who is requesting the data.Individuals have to pay 200 rubles and legal entities - 600.

An alternative method

Even where know whether the apartment is privatized?The key point in this matter is the estimated time of change of ownership.The law was passed in 1991.The following 7 years of the matter by the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).Each department sets its privatization procedure for the provision of data and issuing certificates.Therefore, if the basis of the Unified State Register information is available, it is necessary to apply to this service.


BTI provides the data is far from all interested parties, but only:

  • property owners, their agents, who can attest to their status;
  • heirs, who are entitled to the apartment by law or under a will;
  • law enforcement and judicial authorities in the framework of current affairs in the production;
  • bodies of state power and local self-government in accordance with the territorial jurisdiction;
  • statistics;
  • tax authorities;
  • justice institutions that are engaged in the state registration of rights to objects;
  • other persons who have a permit.

free option

How do I know whether or not to privatize the apartment?The receipt for payment of utility bills is a string "Hiring".If the apartment is in private ownership, in this field there are dashes.If the property belongs to the state, the line shows the amount of debt on the social contract of employment.The privatization of the apartment is made within two months.Therefore, accurate information can be found only on fresh receipts.

Through the Internet

Optional contact the Department of Privatization SVAO to make a request.The application can be submitted via the website Rosreestra.To do this on the main page of the service choose "Public services" - "Registration of real property rights."

In the window that you need to fill out the points:

1. Type of statement - "On registered title for real estate to publicly available information."

2. Complete data on the project.

3. Select an option of data: in paper form by mail, through the territorial departments of the privatization of Moscow or any other city in electronic form (e-mail).Enter the address of the receipt of the statement.

4. Go to the information about the customer.Here you must specify the type of applicant, full name, passport data, agree with the rules of personal data processing and confirm the request.

5. The next step is to attach the scanned documents.To do this, first select their type (such as a passport, power of attorney), and then click "Add" and "Back to the verification of the data."

6. If the form is filled in correctly, it is necessary to send the information for processing.Number of registered application is displayed immediately on the page.It shall be completed.In the future, check the status of the request processing will be through the website.

7. On the specified e-mail box will receive a letter with the code of payment.

can also pay for your order through the website.To do this in the letter there is a link "Show the code".Clicking on it will open a window with different methods of payment, from credit cards to payment systems.Select the desired payment and spend.Money should be transferred within 10 working days.After that will be sent a certificate of privatization.

Where else can you get the document?The third-party companies.If you do not want to go to the department the privatization of North-East, you can get information through an online order in institutions.Mediators take a large commission for their services and for a long time to process information.However, this option may be suitable for busy people and those who have no time to go to authorities.

How to privatize the apartment

process consists of five steps.For all you need to prepare a number of documents and submit them to the BTI or MFC (Multi-center).The first phase will require:

  1. warrant or social contract.the hiring of the property.These documents are available in the EIRTS (unified information and billing center).
  2. Status, which indicates the plan of the apartment, available at the BTI.
  3. Cadastral passport in which there is data on the area, volume, layout, floor and so on. N.
  4. Extract from the house of the prescribed persons in the apartment is available at the passport office, providing a social contract.employment.Validity of inquiries - 14 days.
  5. extract from the Unified State Register on the property.It draws MDs after payment of registration fee in the amount of 220 rubles.Depending on the purpose for which the data is requested, the document will have to wait 7 to 30 days.
  6. extract from the Unified State Register of form №3.It indicates the presence of members of any other real estate.
  7. personal account to the apartment can be obtained from bookkeeping passport.If help is available for debt payment of utility services, the documents for further registration will not be accepted.
  8. if privatization will deal with a stranger, then it is necessary to issue the authorization form.
  9. Refusal to participate in the privatization provided if one of the registered persons will not take part in this process.
  10. Personal documents of the applicant:
  • passport;
  • death certificate previously living entities;
  • marriage certificate, the birth of children.

If a passport address privatized apartments listed with errors or different from that recorded in the contract, it is necessary in the passport office to take help to clarify the place of residence.

addition may require the following documents:

  • Supporting custody of the minor child.
  • for foreigners - certificate from OVIR.
  • If the apartment were issued minor children, as specified in the contract social.hiring, they are still involved in the privatization.So you need to prepare:
    • Resolution of the guardianship to participate in the privatization.
    • Excerpts from the house to the old and new places of residence.

second stage

Next, you need to get technical and cadastral passport.He issued the BTI based on orders, documents of the applicant, an extract from the house register.

third stage

necessary to issue an extract from the Russian State Register and submit it to the Department of Property Management.It is issued pursuant to a warrant, cadastral and technical passports, identity documents of all adults, an extract from the house register.

fourth stage

penultimate step - to issue the contract of privatization and provide it in the BTI.For this purpose it is necessary to prepare, in addition to the above passports apartment and all the applicants' statements about the number of registered and account:

  • certificate of non-participation in privatization;
  • extract from Rosreestra;
  • extract from the Unified State Register separately for each subject;
  • additional documents on the child - order the appointment of a guardian;
  • notarized power of attorney from each member of a person who is engaged in privatization.

minimum term of registration of the contract - 2 months.Paper is issued to each participant privatization.The state duty for registration of the document is 4800 rubles.

fifth stage

last step - to provide documents to Companies House for registration of a certificate of ownership.All participants who have applied to such a statement, you must pay the state fee of 1,000 rubles and wait 14 days.Registration is carried out in the presence of:

  • cadastral and technical passports;
  • extracts from Rosreestra;
  • notarized rejection of the privatization of all non-participating persons;
  • passport applicants birth certificate;
  • extract from the house of the book for each participant;
  • warrant;
  • privatization contract of each participant in the process.

Upon completion of the procedure issued statement on the availability of the property rights to the apartment.

Conclusion The process of changing the form of ownership of the property takes a long time.But without legally perform sales transactions, the transfer can not be inherited.Therefore it is necessary to ask in advance the question of who owns the property.How do I know whether or not to privatize the apartment?Submit request to Rosreestr.This can be done both in the department of privatization and on the Internet.Term of receipt of the statement of EGRD - three days.Help is suitable for 30 days.Information is available on a fee basis to all interested parties.If the deal by changing the form of ownership was made before 1998, these data can be requested in the BTI.But this may be only the owners of apartments, their heirs or state authorities in the presence of a specific authorization.