How to Cook Chicken chakhokhbili

Georgian cuisine has long won the hearts of fans of tasty meal, with simple, hearty and incredibly tasty dish.Satsivi, chakhokhbili, lobio, chicken tobacco kharcho, yogurt - already very names of these dishes excite the imagination and taste buds.

One of the amazing dishes that gave us the Georgian cuisine - chakhokhbili.Classic chakhokhbili - is stewed with vegetables pheasant.It is "hidden" in the name of the dish: "Jojoba" and is a "phase" in Georgian.Chakhokhbili prepared in the fall, when the wild pheasants fattened and "load" side - clumsy bird became easy prey for Georgia hunters.

chakhokhbili now often made from chicken meat, at least - of lamb or beef.Chicken should be young, fresh, well-fed and desirable home.Otherwise cooking chakhokhbili Chicken will take longer and vegetables turn to mush.Do not take only the legs, or wings - the taste and richness of food will be easier without the "highlights".

for braised chicken suit traditional Caucasian spices and aromatic herbs (basil, cilantro, tarragon), which gives a unique flavor.Many gourmets fond of dishes with "spice", but chicken and severity chakhokhbili bad combination: meat and broth must be delicate, spicy taste.

start making chakhokhbili Chicken.

We need: chicken weighing 1.5 kg, 2-3 large onions, 5 Bulgarian peppers of different colors, 5 carrots, 4 dense ripe tomatoes, bay leaves, 3 cloves garlic, black pepper, saffron, hop-suneli,fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley, green basil), 2 cups of broth of chicken, half a cup of dry red wine.

Take the whole young, well-fed, fresh chicken, thoroughly washed, cut into small pieces.Fat and skin cut is not necessary - when frying, they form a crust, which will not allow juices to drain.Fry the chicken pieces in the pan without oil, making sure the chicken is not burnt.Fried chicken pieces add up to a thick-walled pan or kettle.

Cut onion half rings and fry it until golden brown on the chicken fat, which is heated with after roasting chicken.If it is a little - a little bit of oil or butter can not hurt.

With peel tomatoes (incision crosswise, and for a moment we put in boiling water), cut into cubes, add to the onions, simmer 10 minutes, covered.If you do not have good tomatoes, you can substitute tomato juice or tomato paste non-acute.

Bulgarian peppers and carrots cut lengthwise into strips width of about 1.5 - 2 cm.

After 15 minutes, add the chopped garlic, dry spices and red wine, and leave the stew, covered over low heat for 30 minutes.The meat should be tender and easy to share in the fiber and move away from the cauldron kostey.V add chicken fried vegetables, carrot, pepper, pour broth and simmer 15 minutes.

Cut fresh herbs, sprinkle the finished dish, tasty and satisfying chakhokhbili Chicken ready!

Chakhokhbili - a main dish, so it is possible to come up with a side dish: rice, buckwheat or mashed potatoes perfectly with vegetables and chicken.Chakhokhbili Chicken can be a wonderful separate dish, which is surprisingly tasty tart with red wine.