Make bokeh effect

I want to talk to you about how to make a bokeh effect in the photo.In this article I will discuss how to create a blur in the background, as it can be applied to photos.So, open the initial image in Photoshop.Now you have two duplicate the background layer.When this is done, turn off the visibility of the second backup layer.Go to the layer with the first copy.

To make a bokeh effect in Photoshop, you need to activate the Quick Mask mode and select a radial gradient.Color for him is necessary to set black and white, and in the windows of dithering and transparency place tick.After all these settings Exiting this quick mask.

continue to perceive bokeh effect.We apply a blur filter.To do this, click on the Filter tab, select the option to blur it out and set parameters for it at a low depth of our field.After that you need to remove the active selection and apply a Gaussian blur filter.Radius set for him in two pixels.Then go to the layer of the second duplicate.They include the visibility of the layer, then you must apply a filter so-called smart field.He needs to set the following parameters: effect - 100%, then the radius of - 0.5% and the angle - 0. Put a check mark in the specification.Select the option to remove a Gaussian blur.

Next, our challenge is to separate the image in the foreground from the background to make the bokeh effect.This is done by extracting filter.Run it and press Alt and X with Kontral.We set the brush size of the twelfth and put a tick in the box with a texture parameter 5. Next, paint its background, then using the fill color fill fit the main image.Then reduce the opacity of our layer to 42%.

Now we need to duplicate the current layer, so disable the visibility of the previous one.Remove the layer mask and re-add it.Image softens the edges with a soft brush with a low opacity installed.After that, you must move the bokeh effect to the working paper.

Duplicate the layer that has the texture bokeh.To do this, the first layer of texture to the need to add a layer mask, which apply a radial gradient.Its color should be black and white.Now change the blending mode of the first layer having a texture bokeh on floor.Opacity set at 58%.

Next you need to change the blending mode of the second layer with the same texture bokeh mode clarification.At this opacity is to be 25%.Once again, duplicate the layer with the texture bokeh, then position the duplicate layer below, which highlight the main image.Now change the mode overlap with lightening.Its opacity should reach 45%.

After all these layers merge with one another.Go to the menu of the image, select the correction, then the color saturation of the background and set it 8.After that apply Filter distortion.If you did everything correctly, the bokeh effect you will have a clearly visible.If something is wrong, carefully repeat my recommendations.