Royalmaxbrokers: US Federal Reserve, "Day X" has come

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relatively successful auction on placement of government bonds in Italy and Spain (in spite of a significant increase in yields), as well as positive data on the US housing market yesterday resulted in an upward trend in the stock market and other risky assets.Sales of new homes in the US, according to a published report, amounted to 328 thousand. In March (yoy) vs. 318 thousand., The figures for February were revised upwards to 353 thous., Which is a 2-year high.This prompted analysts Royalmaxbrokers conclude that the long period of stagnation in housing construction in the United States (in fact, the longest since the Great Depression 30-ies. Last century) finally ends.

EUR / USD traded in this background again attempted to overcome the resistance of 1.3200, but to no avail - the results of the day rate rose by 0.4% to 1.3197.Sterling continued to grow, despite the negative data on the budget deficit - GBP / USD pair has added 0.1% and reached 1.6140.Expectations for an increase in quantitative easing program in Japan and the overall positive mood in the markets led to an increase of USD / JPY from 80.90 to 81.50.European stocks gained yesterday from 0.8% to 2.3%, their American "colleagues" were closed with a plus of 0.4% to 0.6% for the S & amp; P500 and Dow Jones, respectively, however, the "high-tech» Nasdaq Compositelost about 0.3%.

Tonight market continued to receive positive signals already from the corporate sector.The long-awaited quarterly report on the largest capitalization companies in the world Apple Inc.once again pleased investors due to the high sales data of the new iPhone4S in Asia (especially in China), the company's revenues have increased by almost 2 times in comparison with the same period last year, and earnings per share (EPS) was $ 12.3vs. $ 10.025 ("surprise" 22.7%).Such positive data affected the overall positive mood of market participants, which led to another wave of purchases of risk.For example, with AUD / USD after falling early in the day to the 1.0250 level once again exceeded 1,0300.However, in the light of forecasts Royalmaxbrokers, this makes it possible to open a profitable medium-term short position.

Of macroeconomic statistics today is worth paying attention to data on UK GDP and orders for durable goods in the US, however, the long-awaited event will be the publication of the outcome of the US Federal Reserve meeting, followed by the publication of the economic forecasts of the regulator and the speech of the American central bank Ben Bernanke (see."Fed meeting: whether the wind blows quantitative easing?").Above all, the focus of market attention will be focused precisely on forecasts and Bernanke's comments that if the Fed said it did not expect a significant slowdown in prices and, at the same time, believes that the economy will continue to create jobs in sufficient numbers, of no QE3in the coming months can not be considered.

a result of trading on COMEX quotations of most actively traded June gold futures rose $ 11.20, or 0.7%, to 1643,80 $ / oz.

Gold futures rose Tuesday on the background of the fact that peace of mind in the European markets put pressure on the US dollar and has attracted new buyers of precious metals.However, trading volume was low in advance of statements on monetary policy the US Federal Reserve, which will be presented today.

Weakened expectations for further stimulus from the Fed in the near future were a key contributing factor to the decline in gold prices from the highs of this year, slightly below 1800 $ / oz.

central banks of Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine have reported purchases of gold in March, as evidenced by the data published by the IMF on Tuesday.

a result of trades on NYMEX quotations of June futures for light sweet crude rose $ 0.44, or 0.4%, to $ 103.55 / barrel, after rising to $ 104.10 / barrel earlier in the session.Futures for Brent crude on the ICE dropped in price by $ 0.55 to $ 118.16 / barrel.

Given the fact that the attention of traders again moved to the tensions with Iran on the problem of oil supply and demand, growth stocks in the United States can provide a signal of significant volumes of oil available to meet the fuel consumption is reduced.

US Department of Energy data will be presented today at 18:30 (MSK).