Error 1406 when installing applications

Quite often, users complain of messages «MS Office 1406 Error».At the same time they get a lot of tips that will absolutely help to cope with the problem.Naturally, this is very disappointing because of the Microsoft Office application - this is an important modern service, which is extremely necessary to the user.Despite the growing number of similar software, MS Office is still the most popular of them.

Before considering ways to deal with this problem, it should be noted, what not to do if there is an error 1406 when you install Office 2010. The most common tips following which will only lead to a waste of time, include the following:

1. Clean the registry.It can be done in two ways.Using special software and manual.With automatic cleaning simple.Start the program, it can optimize system performance, which is very useful, but does not affect the occurrence of bugs.

more radical method is manual cleaning of those sections that are specified in the notice.To do this, open the registry, find the appropriate directory.However, when you try to change something in it, get a definitive failure of the system.It does not help any administrator rights, or other tricks.

2. Reinstall Vindovs.Sure, it's a very useful preventive procedure that a good at least once a year.Reinstall the system and the necessary set of programs, a user attempting to install MS Office certainly re-see "Error 1406".

3. Another misconception is to use another distribution of Microsoft Office.Listening to this advice, people pumped dozens of different application options, trying to find "that thing."

This is the most common advice from those coming down the user, indicating that he had a computer error 1406.

The reason of occurrence of such labels is quite simple.It is a system process that is blocking any attempt to modify the essential elements of the system.And as the registry - is "the cornerstone", to change something in it anything can neither the user nor the application being installed.

It should be noted that the "victims" of the message "Error 1406" are not only lovers of Office 2010, but users and many other programs, such as Acrobat, AutoCAD, and so on. D. A similar error can be seen when installing some of the drivers.

almost all cases, the perpetrators of such a problem are the remedies.In such "sins" were seen Dr.Web, McAfee and others. Accordingly, in order to carry out the installation of the necessary applications only need to turn off the antivirus software.

users of Dr.Web can advise go to the settings where you must select "Advanced".There, they probably will see a check showing the work function that prohibits modification of critical system objects.If it is deactivated, the error will disappear in 1406 and are no longer disturbed by their appearance.Thus, knowing the cause, it will be easy to overcome the unpleasant consequences.