As salt herring at home.

Well, who does not like to eat salted herring!And for a snack, she will go great, and instead a light snack with bread and pickled cucumber.Even as part of the herring salad is often used.And does anyone recipe for salt herring at home alone?If you do not know the recipe, take into account all of what will be discussed further.

So how salt herring at home?Options salting is not so much.While on the other hand, each family has its own recipe, which makes it the ambassador herring originality and individuality.Try a few recipes as salt herring, and choose the one that is most like.

Salting nepotroshenoy

herring pickling herring unskinned, you must first prepare the marinade.For this purpose, the pan to pour water (sufficient to 1 liter), to bring it to the boil.In boiling water, put a tablespoon of sugar, half a glass of salt and mix.Stir continuously until the sugar and salt dissolve completely.Next added Lavrushka, beans coriander, black pepper peas and sweet pepper.After the addition of these ingredients marinade should be boiled for 3-4 minutes.Now he is ready.But to salt fish, you need to marinade to cool to room temperature.

Next unskinned defrosted herring put in a jar or food capron bucket.Pour the marinade.The capacity that you use for salting, after pouring the marinade should be tightly closed.Fish require 48 hours of downtime in the marinade to reach readiness.Before serving herring need to clean and gut.

recipe for salted herring gutted

This recipe is suitable in the case, if you like the salted herring, as well as directly from the banks prefer to get ready for serving herring.

to cook herring on this recipe, you first need to gut the fish and cut it 4-6 cm long pieces.Next, put the fish in a container close to the ambassador.

must now prepare the marinade.It takes water in an amount of 1 liter of sugar - 1 tablespoon salt - 2 spoonfuls.It would take spices: black pepper - 10 pieces, allspice - 5 pieces, cloves - 3-4 pieces, lavrushki - a few leaves.

marinade is cooked for 20 minutes.In boiling water, add all ingredients simultaneously.After the brine should always boil.After 20 minutes of boiling off the fire, and the pickle is left to cool at room temperature.When the brine is cooled, it is necessary to fill the herring so that it covered the fish 2-3 cm. Capacity of herring served with a tight lid and goes to the refrigerator.Herring will be ready exactly a day.

Korean recipe salted herring

This recipe how to salt herring, will appeal to those who like spicy fish.Salt Korean offered no whole fish and fillets.

first prepare fillets: remove the bones, skinned and cut into pieces of 4 cm.Postpone the fish for a while and prepare the marinade.Looking ahead, we say that it is on the correct preparation of the marinade will depend on the taste of fish.

In a saucepan with a thick bottom pan or pour vegetable oil (130 ml) and heat it.In the oil fry the onion until golden brown, then remove the vegetables.Further, the hot sunflower oil (remove the pan from the heat), add a tablespoon of salt, much sugar, adzhika and a teaspoon of crushed black pepper, seasoning for Korean salads, coriander.Pour 120 grams of vinegar.After the addition of vinegar quickly all the ingredients to mix and immediately pour mass of herring fillets.Of course, herring need to put in a cool place for a day, so that it soaked flavors of spices and prosolilas.

Here are some simple recipes like salt herring, we offer to try.The fish turns out very tasty.And, no matter which of these recipes she cooked.