Affectionately known as the beloved: we choose affectionate nickname her man

The couple relationship both girls and boys alike need affection, tenderness and care.What you can do?So, learn to speak well of their significant other nice words.This article will be useful to the ladies who just do not know, affectionately known as the favorite.


So, it is worth saying that you need to think twice before you choose your sweetheart gentle and affectionate nickname.To do this, your soul mate should be good to learn to look at the sweet, learn specific aspects of his personality.I do not think that a huge man does not like the nickname "Pupsik" and hairy macho - "cat."So, just need a couple of times in this way turn to her man and see his reaction.If he is here an appeal smiles and responds very well, so be it.However, if a man is opposed to nicknames chosen better to just change it.And to choose from there really is something!


So, affectionately known as a favorite?Why it does not choose the name of a particular animal?A man can be called a "bunny", "lion", "bear", and so on. D. As it is quite common nicknames for loved ones.However, you can not simply opt for a specific animal name, and several of his corrected.So, you can call the Man "hare", "zayuley", "Zainka" and so on. D. It is also good to look at the pre-favorite and mark its features.Bellied men can be called "pingvinyatami" fans to wear a beard - "lёvushkami" and so on. D.


affectionately known as a favorite?Why not choose it simply a gentle soft nickname?For example, a man can easily be called "pupsikom", "baby", "lapul."However, in this case, it does not need too lisp, this guys often do not like and do not accept.

All my

following tips, affectionately known favorite: use the prefix "my".It may be "my love", "my boy", "my sun."So, the woman not only makes nice to the man, but also each time insisting that it is only a man.And it is always nice to hear.

Other nicknames

You can also call your man "sun" - it says that in the life of a girl, he is a ray of light and heat.It is also good to call Man "Zolotko", it says that a man is very dear to this lady.No problem, you can use a simple common words, such as "affectionate", "native", "favorite" - it is also a great way out, if the lady has not yet come up with a special nickname her lover.


If you want to select the affectionate nickname for her man, you can just use diminutive forms of names and titles.So, to call for a Man Dima Dima, Dimasik, Dimulya, Dimchikom and so on. D. And on the same principle to transform and other nicknames.

Fantastic names

How else can you call your lover?So, why not come up with something of their own, no clear and hitherto unknown?Interesting and unusual is such nicknames as "kudoska", "Murun" and so on. D. Often these here gentle names may reflect the specific nuances of relations or be a reflection of funny situations that happened with the couple.


Do not forget that a man is required to speak different kinds of compliments.They need to hear from a woman, they're doing everything right, that their actions are evaluated on merit.It is not only cheer up any representative of the stronger sex, but will also give him a push to becoming even better for his beloved.However, there need to be very careful not to overdo it, because praise can quickly turn into a false flattery.

what not to do?

Choosing kind words for favorite guy, we should also pay attention to the nuances of which it is better to avoid.

  1. sure all nicknames should be spoken "naturally", without stretching.Only in this case the man would believe in the sincerity of the words and the nickname it will bring great pleasure.
  2. not even need affectionate nickname to emphasize the shortcomings of people.So, the guys a little growth is unlikely to enjoy the nickname "Babe" or "Pupsik" and a person with excess weight - "puzatik" or "fat man".
  3. If a guy does not like excessive tenderness and hooting, better to choose him more "severe" and "strict" nickname, such as "breadwinner", "my soldier" and so on. D.
  4. Often the guy you need to give a few gentle and affectionate nicknames.For example, some are for others, that lady will call your lover in the circle of friends and acquaintances - "cute", "sun", and so on. D. A nickname may be different for personal use only.Behind the closed bedroom door a man can not be against even "miracle hedgehog."

simple conclusion

Yet most beloved sweet words - the ones that will go with all your heart, the ones on which she will not think, saying them aloud.And in this case, whatever the nickname given to a loved one, it is always pleasant to him, and he would be happy to respond to such an appeal here.