How to cook soup with meatballs

Many housewives often ponder over how to impress the home, cook a tasty dish that has the original taste.So, not too frequent recipes which you can cook the soup with meatballs.However, this is a main dish, very hearty and flavorful, it may come to mind and adults, and even finicky kids.

Recipes cooking quite a lot.This meatballs made from chicken, beef, fish, pork and so on. D. Undoubtedly, the main thing - they are not too large balls, which are pre-fried in a frying pan and dropped into boiling water.

So, meatballs of beef are prepared as follows.Half a kilo of fresh minced meat mixed with finely chopped medium-sized onion.This also adds a raw egg, salt and pepper to taste.From the resulting mass form small balls that are dipped in breadcrumbs and lightly fried.In frying pan saute onion incised medium size.To this was added 2 cups of soaked red beans, half a cup of tomato paste.The resulting mixture is left for a while on fire, and then laid out in boiling water (about 3 liters).When the beans will be ready, soup with meatballs salted.Spices are put to taste.Then laid directly into the broth fried meatballs.The dish is left on low heat for another half hour.The finished soup is added fresh herbs.To the table it can be served with fresh garlic baguette or rolls.

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Soup with meatballs can be cooked in the following manner.300 grams of minced meat (can be taken from any meats) mixed with grated onion, raw egg, a handful of rice.From the resulting mass roll balls that are fried on both sides in a frying pan.At this time, put on the fire with a pan and a half liters of water.When the liquid boils, it laid the meatballs.Soup left to heat for more than 10 minutes.Next here adds the peeled potatoes, sliced ​​middle-sized cubes.In a skillet saute the onions.To him laid out in small pieces cut carrots and sweet pepper.

zazharki laid out in the soup with meatballs, potatoes when almost ready (for the determination of the softness of its taste).Fresh tomatoes are peeled, cut into cubes, add to the dish.This vegetable can be replaced with a spoon of tomato paste.Soup salted, placed in a spice taste, after which it is boiled for a further 5 minutes.The resulting dish is brewed and served at the table.The plate can be put a bit of sour cream on top of the broth is recommended sprinkle with finely chopped fresh herbs.

very quickly and cook the meatballs in a double boiler.In addition, this method of cooking allows you to save a lot more beneficial to humans nutrients and is suitable even for children's menu.For this stuffing (300 grams) is mixed with half a glass of pre soaked for several hours rice.The mixture is added to the egg, salt to taste.From the resulting mass of balls made of medium size, which are laid out in a bowl, and prepared in a special mode (about an hour).Ready meatballs can be served with a side dish or add to cooked chicken broth, which added to a boiled egg slices and cutting.

No less tasty and useful to this dish of fish.To do this, 300 grams of carp fillet with milled medium-sized onion.This also put half a glass of semolina, salt, 100 grams of spinach, raw egg.Of the remaining pieces of fish cooked broth filtered.In a boiling liquid again put the potatoes, cut into small cubes, zazharki of onion and carrot.The latter is added shaped and slightly roasted fish meatballs.The soup is cooked for half an hour.Shortly before he was ready salted, put spices, bay leaf.