Signs of puberty in boys.

transition to adulthood for boys - this is a difficult time of crisis.And not only for children but also for their parents.Signs of puberty in boys are different, each has its own.Quite often in adults at this stage with teenagers lost friendship and contact.Parents often need to communicate with them, as they may miss out on one of the most important moments in the upbringing of the child.If the adult is not near the boy in a very important period for him, then a teenager risks falling into bad company, which could result in an addiction to alcohol, drugs and other unpleasant consequences.

General characteristics of adolescence and recommendations parents

must be able to hear his grown-up boy of his problems to empathize, to help him survive the moral difficulties.If parents know that they are right, you need to patiently explain to your child what his mistake.Also try to give convincing arguments based on facts.So the child will believe their loved ones.If parents had to criticize his son, then you need to give a serious argument that he understood.Pressure on the teenager can not be better just to ask for help, so he will go on concessions adults.Reproach and humiliation greatly affect the psyche of a boy, so you can not do that.

Compare your teen and his friends are not worth it.After all, it is, first of all, personality, individuality, and not have to be like other children.When parents interact with their child, it is necessary to do it in a friendly tone, then he trust them completely.Let teenager controls what he is capable.So you should give your child of independence, which is so important to him.However, if you notice any changes in behavior (for example, his reaction to some of the things became inadequate, he does not want to look you in the eye, etc.), it is necessary to think about a similar phenomenon is very serious.It is possible that there is a need to consult a narcologist.It is in the teens want to try all forbidden, without thinking about the consequences.And as you know, get used to the drug very quickly, but give it addiction without professional assistance is practically impossible.

father needed future men

When puberty begins, the boy with him to be a father in the first place.To the teenager grew a worthy member of society, he needs as much as possible to communicate with the pope.That, in turn, is obliged to set an example to his son.In adolescence, the boy is very important for this communication.If you have a teenager with his father relationship is not exactly succeed, then the child has a mental stress, inexplicable aggression, he will try to splash out on the mother or other family members.

Therefore, you must try to father to son with him was interesting to talk to.At this age, a healthy lifestyle is a must-child.To do this, arrange for his sporting activities, as well as follow the diet (it must be balanced).Then the child will understand that in this way of life is no place for drugs and alcohol.

In some cases, a teenager may be noticeable depression and inattention.Studies at this age usually departs last.Psychologists say that thinking in adolescents becomes more developed, but they are not in use due to the fact that for them is more important than communication with peers than with teachers.


main problems of adolescence:

  • teenager believes that his rights are infringed, so he restores them due to scandals and quarrels with his parents;
  • child to think that he is treated unfairly.As a result, he is trying to prove that is not small and can sort things out himself;
  • love for him now in the first place, and the parents really are not necessary (so say most teenagers);
  • suicidal thoughts often come to mind adolescents.Therefore, parents need to do everything to make their child as soon as possible thrown that idea out of your head.

What is adolescence?

Mom and dad remember how their son seems to be recently was drawn to them by their little hands, he opened his toothless mouth, and today has become almost a grown man.What is the teenage transition age?This is the period when the body begins to completely change both physically and mentally.

This is the time to reach maturity in boys, although they are still children.Age older begins at age 10, but terminates at each different, usually around 15-17.

Physiological signs

Let's look at sexual characteristics of puberty in boys:

  • thin voice turns into a rough, sure, because there are many male hormones.
  • are increasing genitals.
  • becomes more hair all over his body and on his face (beard and mustache).
  • muscles increases.
  • shoulders become wider.
  • night quite often spontaneously ejaculation;
  • Pimples and blackheads appear on the back and on the face.Over time, they will disappear on their own.Although doctors recommend to treat them not to leave scars in the future.

So manifested sexual development of boys.In such a period, or a little later teens may start in the first sexual relationship.Therefore, for 11-year-old child should be explained that such contraceptives and how to use them.

behavior of adolescents, as well as the character changes dramatically.Many psychologists believe that the characteristic of adolescence is very complex.But some experts say the opposite.In their opinion, if a child to behave as expected, to be his friend, and then there is all mild.And if more parents are starting to take care of your teen, then he is obedient and kind of child can be stubborn and rude.Adults argue for it becomes commonplace.Scientists have identified common signs of puberty in boys, but every child is going alone.In some earlier, others much later.Sexual development of boys can occur very easily and very rapidly, reflecting on the character.Parents should in any case be vigilant and act in accordance with the evolving situation.

Psychological signs

What are the psychological signs of puberty in boys?These include the following:

  • Teens are located in conflict situations without a riot, they can not imagine their existence.
  • sensitive to any situation, they feel that they have no friends, and surrounded by their enemies (including parents).
  • Teenagers underestimate the self-esteem, and from this it becomes psychologically unbearable to live with.
  • with the opinion of the adults in this age is not considered at all, but the peer will listen with pleasure.
  • very sensitive to criticism, there is aggression, from which all the others feel bad.Learn
  • exclusively on their mistakes.
  • not afraid of suicide, do not understand the pain in their own words about the opportunity to bring an end the family.
  • mad at their parents, if they control them.
  • Throw away all your negative on others, defiantly stubborn.In addition, fighting with adults, many children are not only words, but also with the use of physical force.
  • want love, understanding and attention of parents.In dire need of assistance and moral support.


Every teen own characteristics, both physiological and psychological.But we must remember that they are still children.Age 12-14 years old and is considered the most severe problem, because the guys refuse to listen to any suggestion.By about 17 years, they calm down and begin to perceive its importance in life.If the son is not enough attention, love and care, he takes it very painful.He can appear confident that he is indifferent to all.Therefore, parents are obliged to behave with the child so that their child could not doubt their love.

Help mother

problems of adolescence can be avoided, and to help in this in many respects to the child should be mom, surrounding him with love and care.Father, as a rule, not with the baby nursed.Therefore, my child is a teenager does not feel his kindness and tenderness.Mom helps his love and support for her son, because he is now urgent need to feel needed.That is why parents need to be with your child adolescence.With him, of course, should be friends, but do not be afraid to be strict if necessary.You can not have a child, they say, "I sat down on the neck."

If a teenager problems, which it considers serious, the parents need to be sensitive and understanding.Laugh at his problems and feelings can not be, as this may lead to the development of complexes.Please note that when experts describe the features of psychological and physical development of the adolescent, they are referring to the general direction.Therefore, parents need to take into account the personality and character is his child.

Conclusion Now you know the characteristics of adolescents, as well as what changes occur with him in the transition period.Be attentive to their children surround them with love and care and respect them personality.