Sea of ​​Galilee: a unique Galilee

Sea of ​​Galilee - the biblical name for the unique Sea of ​​Galilee, located on the territory of Israel.This body of water called the sea not because of its size or especially salt water, and because of its historical significance.According to Christian chronicles, it was on these shores began to preach the Christ, because of the cities located before on these shores, were from the majority of his students and followers.That's the Sea of ​​Galilee was the first place where Jesus is the world wonders.No less important is the body of water and for the Jews - here is the birthplace of the Talmud - Tiberias.

According to doctors, the Sea of ​​Galilee is interesting for its sulfur hot springs.Spurting out of the ground water has a faint background radiation and contains a high percentage of sulfur, which helps in the treatment of many skin diseases, improves the condition of the nervous system and heals the spine.

Geographically coast of the Sea of ​​Galilee - one of the most low-lying points on the earth's surface.It is below the sea level of about 210 meters.The exact figure is hard to say - the water level in the lake is heavily dependent on the amount of precipitation in autumn and winter.From this also depends on the length of the coastline, and, clearly, the depth.

Sea of ​​Galilee is of great importance for Israel - a third of the country's fresh water, because the amount of water in the lake - the subject of attention of the government and ordinary citizens.There are about 50 species of fish, some of them very rare and do not occur anywhere else.It is in this lake caught fish St. Peter, which is offered to taste in the surrounding restaurants.Many argue that it is very tasty.If you are soon going to visit Israel, be sure to taste it, as recently discussed a proposal for a temporary ban on fishing the Sea of ​​Galilee, to restore its population, but, as we know, there is nothing more permanent than temporary solutions.

Weather in the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Galilee is known for its unpredictability: Only that the sun was shining, it was quiet and calm, but suddenly swoops strong wind played a wild storm.Only the old fishermen, years of living on the coast, can predict bad weather at one them prominent, subtle, signs.

This lake has many names: Galilee, Gennesaret or Chinneroth sea.Also, this body of water known as Lake Tiberias (Sea) and, as already mentioned, the Sea of ​​Galilee.This set of items is easy to get confused, but in reality they all represent the same body of water.On its shores are many attractions that are so famous for Israel.Sea or lake - is not so important, important historical and cultural monuments, traditions and were - witnesses of the events that took place in these places.And there were many events, and fortunately, there are many holy places where many visitors seek.Many of those who visited this sea-lake, talk about the extraordinary state of mind that comes close to this place.Even if you do not believe in what is described in the New Testament, to visit this extraordinary place definitely worth it.