Beauty Balkans.

Have you ever why Montenegro, a country with a delightfully beautiful nature, given such a strange name?It turns out, the mystery lies in the mountains, which because of the constant accumulation of clouds appear black.Even incredible that such a small piece of land, perhaps a cluster of mountainous terrain.So the answer to the question, where are the Cursed Mountains seems obvious - of course, in Montenegro.

Here is a paradise for climbers, mountain ranges are located near the ski resorts.Morachskie mountains Sinevina, Bjelasica, Komov, Durmitor - they attract attention and striking beauty, because the mountains in the Balkans have a special magnetism.But they pale in comparison with the popularity of the Damned mountains, which in 2010 received the status of a national park.Now part of the mountains in the area of ​​Plav is protected.

Where are cursed mountain, very beautiful, the array is considered the richest in the Balkans.To date, there have been more than 500 species of plants, and in the Kosovo part of the array, scientists counted 180 species of birds, 200 - mushrooms, 130 species of butterflies and 60 species of endemic insects.All of this allows us to understand how the natural world is rich Prokletije.

If we talk about little-known territory of Montenegro, that it is precisely this mountain.Alps Balkans - also known as the array.Its name causes various associations and suggests the sometimes fantastic ideas.Where are cursed mountain, at first glance, there is nothing unusual that might indicate some kind of curse or magic.It turns out the whole thing in the shape of the mountain massif that resembles a sharp fangs of evil and bloodthirsty creatures.That is why often compose a legend that in the depths of the mountains saved countless treasures, which will get only the brave.Prokletije really keeps wealth - is the glaciers, created by centuries of accumulations of snow, glacial lakes, springs with crystal clean water, waterfalls and mountain streams.

Many professional climbers dream actually see where the Accursed Mountains.Conquer their tops is not so simple, and the point here is not in height.Mountain ranges affect the quirkiness of its shape, so they will be able to conquer a very brave and hardy people who have a good physical preparation.All those who dare to climb to the top of Prokletije will be rewarded with views of the beautiful scenery.

Balkan Alps located at the border of Montenegro, Serbia and Albania.Special attention attracts travelers Plavsko glacial lake, located at the foot of the Prokletije.On the territory of Serbia is Visoki Dečani, there have survived frescoes, so this structure included in the list of UNESCO.For all fans of paragliding, mountaineering and outdoor activities just this - a true paradise.That is why in this corner of Montenegro can meet tourists from all over Europe.Journey to the Cursed Mountains will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions.Clean and fresh air, crystal water from the springs, beautiful nature will fill the body strength and vigor.