Allergy to strawberries: symptoms, treatment

It's no secret that some berries can provoke the people of allergic reactions.Unfortunately, strawberries this is no exception.It would seem, well, what harm can bring this visually exquisite and beautiful goodies?On the contrary, you can read many articles on the Internet about the health properties of red berries.She and rejuvenates the skin and slows the aging process, and removes toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system.And because the berries contain an unimaginable amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.But it is allergic to strawberries and is that a fly in the ointment.One way or another, but not all men are destined to enjoy a wonderfully sweet flavor of this "romantic" berries.

should be noted that an allergy to strawberries - a fairly common phenomenon.It is likely that in the future it will be of hereditary character.

At the slightest suspicion that you have an allergy to strawberries, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.Only he will be able to prove or disprove your concerns, and we should not try to do it yourself.And yet, why does a huge amount of people complaining about the fact that they are allergic to strawberries?The reason lies in the pollen that accumulates during the period of ripening berries.

curious fact

Probably few people know that in most cases, the above problem occurs in those who have eaten the berries, plucked a few hours ago.Doctors have proved that if you eat fresh strawberries (plucked from the garden), the risk of an allergic reaction is significantly reduced.The fact is that the "fresh" and "stale" berries differ in their chemical composition.


So many people have allergic to strawberries.

symptoms of this disease can be very diverse.In particular, there may be sneezing or runny nose, increase body temperature, the skin begins to itch, it is formed at a red rash, there are pain in the abdomen, which pass in vomiting and diarrhea, from the eyes of the tears begin to flow.It is also possible asthma attack and swelling, and in complicated forms of eczema is not excluded, and anaphylactic shock.This is how are allergic to strawberries.What do you do in this case?Not always it is possible to see a doctor with the above problem.Makes itself felt allergic to strawberries?Symptoms there?Then, to ease the situation, use of antihistamines, and then as soon as possible go to the doctor.

What should be remembered?

Of course, a lot of inconvenience bears allergic to strawberries.Photos of the patient is more than proof of that.The red rash, swelling and tearing nobody decorate.However, many anxiously await nightfall, because it is in this period of time a person develops severe itching.

All this has a negative impact on the psychological state of the patient.He begins to feel that no one is able to relieve his suffering, despite the fact that a large number of medical claims: by the combined treatment of chances to get rid of the disease are quite high.

That is not a small threat is allergic to strawberries.Photos of people suffering from this disease, we see that a fair inference.

The diagnosis

traditional method of diagnosis of the problem - it's a simple blood test.In the laboratory, you can easily determine the amount of specific antibodies (immunoglobulins IgG and IgE).In complicated forms of the disease the concentration of the above-mentioned antibody is increased.Such diagnostic method is considered the most precise and safe compared to skin tests.

for someone else strawberries - a taboo?

sweet berries should not be eating for those who suffer from a stomach ulcer or gastritis, as the small bones strongly irritate.

Also, strawberries not recommended for those who have sore joints.

methods of treatment

Are there ways to overcome the above-mentioned disease?How to help a person who is allergic to strawberries?Treatment is based on the use of antihistamines, prescription by prescription.

course, eliminate the disease of 100% does not work, but to minimize its effects is quite real.Besides antiallergic drugs, depending on the nature of the disease, the specialist also assigns nasal sprays, corticosteroids.If allergies cause asthma attack, it can not do without an inhaler.In complicated forms of allergy in some cases required hospitalization.

And if you really want?

Is a person who is subject to the above diseases, must always give up the strawberries?This is not quite true.If diagnosed allergic to strawberries in an adult, but he really wants to eat this delicious berry, it is possible to use it as a compote or jam.The fact that after the heat treatment strawberries break enzymes provoke an allergic reaction, which means that the canned it is absolutely harmless and, on the contrary, is useful.

Some accustom your body to the berry, eating it with sugar or frozen.Naturally, the dosage should be minimal.Eating berries 1-2 a day, a person adapts your body for strawberries, so the risk of allergic reaction in this case is substantially reduced.

Berry children

Each year the first month of summer delights us with delicious strawberries, and every mother wants her baby to regale this exquisite dessert.But do not rush into this, as pediatricians say they are allergic to strawberries in infants does not occur very often.To minimize this risk, experts do not recommend giving berry toddler, who are under one year.

existing primary allergy, when the baby first sees and tries berry.It can also happen secondary allergy, when the child eats strawberries more put and in his body appears surplus of histamine, which is the reason for the red rash, swelling, hives.It is in this form are allergic to strawberries have kids.Naturally, at the slightest suspicion of the above symptoms should immediately contact a specialist.

First alarm should cause swelling and rashes on the skin - all this can give complications and lead to serious health consequences.It is urgent to eliminate from the diet strawberry toddler and use antihistamines to prescribed by a doctor.


If you are a passionate fan of strawberries, but deny yourself this dessert because of an allergic reaction are afraid, you can check whether your fears are justified.Test takes allergist.The analysis is quite simple: a small area of ​​the skin with a needle scratch applied with strawberry allergen.With the positive result zone will soon be treated to itch and turn red, and after a quarter of an hour on it may form a small tumor.

If the above symptoms do not come, it means that you can be absolutely quiet - you do not have allergy to strawberries, and you can eat it as much as necessary.


should not think that allergies - this sentence.Remember that most of histamine in red berries.This means that the white, yellow and golden strawberries its level is very low.Yes, breeders have brought strawberry allergen-free variety called "Strawberry Pineapple."To reduce the effect of histamine can also, if eat berries, along with dairy products.So feast on the delicious berries soon everyone will be able, without fearing for your precious health ..