Dynamic Contrast - a technology for improving image clarity

Practically the most important parameter that determines the quality of the monitor or screen, a contrast.It is defined as the maximum difference between the darkest color (ideally - an absolute black) that can display the screen, and the lightest (white).

precise methodology, which is measured by contrast, no.For this reason, manufacturers use any that exists today, and the results are for the real parameters of the monitor, but this is not true.If such tests are the ideal conditions for each mode, which simply can not exist in everyday use of the monitor or screen.As a result, the parameters obtained inflated tenfold.Therefore, when choosing a monitor or screen, be guided by your own perception and not on the passport parameters, although they need to know, but they should not be decisive in the choice.

Contrast distinguish two types: static natural (native) and dynamic.Under natural to understand the difference between black and white, which is able to give the monitor without additional processing image service programs.Dynamic contrast ratio - the name of the technology that allows to improve the original settings screen.This option is provided by the software, which analyzes the current picture and changes the brightness of the monitor at certain points.

LCD monitor itself emits no light to illuminate the image using special mikrolampy or LEDs, which are located behind the screen.To achieve maximum contrast of the image in the area of ​​the screen with a dark color backlight is switched off, thus achieving deeper blacks.To make the most of bright white - the intensity of the luminescence elements increases.This technology and is called dynamic contrast.With such an image processing can greatly increase the actual characteristics of the screen.

Dynamic contrast ratio can be realized only on the moving picture.If the image is static (eg, word processing in a text editor) is valid only native contrast ratio, which is the main technical characteristics of the monitor.That it is in this mode, and determines the parameters of the image.

when watching movies or during the game, the dynamic contrast ratio greatly improves perception and sharpness.So it is completely unnecessary to name the technology or can not be excessive, but it is technology, not the setting of the screen.Display with a natural high contrast will always show deep colors and provide high image clarity and dynamic contrast ratio monitor only improves moving picture, and the text on the screen will be gray, rather than black.For this reason, choose those screens or monitors when working where you feel most comfortable - we are different and the same parameters will be perceived differently by different people.Focus on personal perception and feelings, but do not forget about the technical parameters.