What you can see from comedies: Three top films

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Everyone knows that laughter prolongs life.Therefore, sometimes it is so important to laugh heartily, thus removing the stress accumulated during the working day.And that will help to cope with this task better than a good, nice comedy?However, despite the fact that the films of this genre shoot a lot, really good paintings somehow not enough.So there is a constant question: What can be seen from the comedy, so much so that it was ridiculous and with meaning?Here is a selection of the most successful comedy films that not only you rassmeshat, but may make you wonder.Although there are not presented all the interesting and funny pictures, however, the quality of these comedies no cause to doubt.

So, what you can see from comedies?

1. «1000 words."This film is in the top rankings of many notable films.Despite the fact that the film is considered quite a comedy, meaning it bears a very non-standard.The plot of this show many films, as people do not appreciate the words spoken by them.Everything happens on the background of the life of a very successful and wealthy businessman.He achieved this success thanks to the talent yammer.It was his voice always lead to a positive conclusion of the transaction.But what's good for business is not always good for life.The protagonist completely oblivious to the fact that each word has the power.Then one day he finds himself the hostage of a magic tree.As soon as the hero utters the words, the tree showered.And all would do if the limit was not a thousand leaves.And while the leaves fall, the prospect of further life of a businessman is becoming increasingly vague.In short, a very funny picture with the original meaning.And if you do not know what you can see from comedies, lying on the couch in the evening, we recommend you to pay close attention to the proposed option.

2. «Liar Liar" - another comedy on the importance of spoken words.It will appeal to both adults and children.What is particularly important if you want to spend time in front of a TV with the whole family, but can not decide which movie to watch.Comedy "Liar Liar" many people love not only for a perfect game by Jim Carrey, but also because it raises a number of issues, including family.The film's protagonist - a lawyer.It is for the sake of his career, ready for anything.Justifying a lot of villains, he is so used to lie in court that he could not get rid of this bad habit in everyday life.His whole life is built on lies - from small to large.Most such behavior offends his young son, who is tired of listening to empty promises of his father, and each time in vain hope that he would come to him.Then one day, a birthday, a little boy makes a wish that his dad could not lie at least one day.Miraculously, the desire to put into practice.How to handle a lawyer at the bow that are important to the court, and all the actions specified in advance so that he would have to be honest?On this and tells the movie "Liar Liar".Weight of funny and comical situations and a lot of catchy words will appeal to any moviegoer.Therefore, if you do not know, you can see the schmuck of a family comedy, refer to this picture.Rest assured, you will not regret it!

3. «Bruce Almighty" - another reel of film with Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman magnificent.She tells of how often penyaya to someone else, we do not see their own guilt.The story tells that the man is not only responsible for what is happening to him, but also the right to decide their own destiny.The main character - a reporter whose life has begun a black stripe.And in all his troubles, he blamed the Lord God (a familiar situation, is not it?).That, in turn, without thinking twice, gives all its obligations to our hero.And although at first it seems this is a fascinating and incredibly interesting, in the end the hero comes to understanding the importance of faith.Excellent comedy with deep meaning!Considering options sure to help you if you are in search of what you can see from comedies.

This collection includes all three movies.Their main advantage is that you can gather to watch the whole family.If you want a good laugh from the heart and not to think about the great and sublime, but at the same time do not know what the youth comedy can be found, refer to the "Eurotrip" and "American Pie."But children in such a case it is recommended to remove from the blue screens - the latest comedy is clearly not for them.