How to make yeast pancakes

Perhaps no one in the world who would not like homemade yeast pancakes, and besides, with jam, sour cream or honey.Especially like this food to children, and to prepare them is not too difficult.Consider a few recipes of how to prepare a delicious curvy pancakes at home.

yeast pancakes with milk

Ingredients: half a kilo of flour, two glasses of milk, two eggs, twenty-five grams of fresh yeast (can substitute dry), forty grams of vegetable oil, fifty grams of sugar, half a teaspoon salt, one packet of vanilla.

milk is poured into a large bowl, heat it up to forty degrees and dissolve the yeast in it.Then add the salt, sugar and one hundred grams of flour and mix well.Do not worry that the mixture turns lumpy, because cooking pancakes they disperse.Sponge covered with a towel or cloth and put in a warm place so that she came.It takes about forty minutes.This test is expected to increase by half, and it must be formed so called cap.

When the dough has risen, it adds eggs, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and flour.At the same time add the flour until the dough will not acquire until consistency of thick cream.Again, stir and leave for another half an hour to make it airy and smooth.

now can bake yeast pancakes.To put it near a glass filled with water, into which is dipped a spoon before it scoop dough.The pan should be well to heat, pour into it a little butter and warm it, and only then spread the dough.When browned pancakes, they are turned over.Serve this dish with sour cream, jam, jam or honey.

yeast pancakes with kefir

Ingredients: One cup of yogurt (sour milk), twelve spoons of wheat flour, three tablespoons of sugar, salt, two eggs, one teaspoon soda, any fruit.

When preparing the test must pay attention to the following: depends on the amount of acid buttermilk soda.So, the yogurt is sour, the greater its need.

must first beat the sugar and eggs with salt, add them yogurt, flour and baking soda and chopped fruit, all mix well and let the dough stand for fifteen minutes.Thereafter, yeast cakes may be fried in vegetable oil by the method indicated above.

must say that is a good pancake breakfast for both children and adults.Use them with kiselёm, sour cream or jam.

recipe for yeast pancakes with cardamom

Ingredients: half a liter of milk or fat sour cream, and fifty grams of yeast, one cup of sugar, half a teaspoon salt and cardamom, two hundred and fifty grams of margarine, one kilogram of flour, two tablespoons candied chopped hundredgrams of raisins.

in warm milk put yeast, add sugar, salt, a cup of flour, mix well and leave to rise brew.Then she added the flour and the remaining ingredients of the recipe again stirred briefly set aside.Then you can fry yeast pancakes.And as they fry, we have considered above.

Thus, pancakes today are common dessert that is loved by both children and adults.They use hot with sour cream, jelly, jam, jam and other products.

should be noted that this dish has a high glycemic index and is nutritious.That is why it is recommended to those who have suffered illness and those who spend a lot of energy in connection with his activity, such as athletes or miners.Please be aware that products of dough is not recommended to use those who are sick pancreatitis, peptic ulcer or stomach bowel, diabetes, obesity.