Most talented actors on the way to the cherished dream - to act in cinema - you have to go through a lot of testing, so they have an easy life.Zac Efron is not among the young people who had a chance to earn a distributor of newspapers, bartender or waiter.

From childhood, man realized his destiny, develop talent, and he played in the theater.Zach born October 18, 1987 in the family of an engineer and a secretary.Parents noticed the boy's abilities in singing and good acting skills, so advised him to audition for one of the productions.

very versatile talent in a young actor.He knows how to play the guitar and piano, to cope with any role, has a lot of hobbies: climbing, skiing, snowboarding, golf.He also loves animals, Siamese cat and two Australian Shepherds keeps at home Zac Efron.Biography of a young man as an actor begins at age 11, that's when he got a small role in the production of "Gypsy."

It showed about 90 times, and the boy felt great on the stage.Over time, Zack slowly but surely moved to the more important and larger roles.Thanks to our own talent, charisma and good-looking appearance Efron managed to get on TV.

In 2004, the guy starts television career, this fact is not silent, and his biography.Zac Efron at this time is in a critical period and did not get at least a significant, but still a role in this series."Eternal Summer" was a breakthrough for the young actor, before he starred in the movie serials and movies, but they were secondary characters, and long shots Zack could not boast.

In 2006, the young person leaves school and is applying for admission to the University of South Carolina, but at the last minute postponed his studies, as mentioned, and his biography.Zac Efron is working in the theater, studying vocal and understands the basics of theatrical skill.In the same year he is offered to star in the movie "High School Musical."At first, the audience did not take properly kinorabotu, but then it became a mega, as does Zach.In 2007 came the continuation of "High School Musical."Since this part was met with positive response, the creators have planned a sequel.Fans did not have long to wait for the promise, and in 2008 entered the final part of the film works.

success of "High School Musical" is the immutability of the cast, and a very talented couple Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.On the set of young people between the affair began, very upset fans of the actor so his biography.Zac Efron is now at the peak of popularity and is not going to slow down the pace, though the constant harassment by paparazzi and fans already fed up with it.The guy admitted that he is not averse to a haircut and go incognito in world travel.

many popular actors get bored glory, and no exception was Zac Efron.Biography, personal life, height, weight, habits and favorite entertainment - all that interested in a multimillion crowd of young fans of the young man.This is not surprising, not for nothing that he is one of 10 most beautiful actors in Hollywood.