Topics for personal diary: how to make and what to write girls?

So, the most important decision you have already made - have decided to keep a personal diary.Excellent!As the decades pass - and you'll be happy to reread your young feelings and concerns, smile hardens permanently on your face at the memory of his childhood.In addition, adolescence is especially important to share their accumulated experiences of the day, emotions and experiences.Personal Diary is always happy "to hear" all your innermost secrets.

So how do you start to keep a personal diary?

First of all, you must decide whether you will use to record ready diary, or do it yourself.In the first case is simple: select the store you like notebook.To give brilliance and originality to your diary, it can be a bit to finish.If you want to decorate a personal diary - pink theme perfect for a teenage girl.For example, you can decorate the cover of notebook designs of pink rhinestones.

With self-production of the diary have to work hard.For example, you can take a piece of lace and cut out according to the size of its bought a notebook.After that, the cover must be covered with adhesive pad and stick to it prepared by a piece of cloth.Having

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blog, you should proceed to its completion.Let's look at choosing a topic for a personal diary.

what to write in the first place?

very first theme of your diary should be information about yourself: your name, age and phone number (in case you suddenly lose or forget somewhere blog).At the same time, remember: Never write your home address.

also an interesting topic for the personal diary of the girl can be a story about her hobbies and interests, such as favorite food, music, TV shows, movies or cartoons.

In addition, the blog you can paste your picture and draw it beautifully, for example, draw colored pencils or markers frame.

What else can "tell" a personal diary?

Themes for personal diary girls can be quite different: in one day you can write about events of the day, the relationship with his classmates, about a quarrel with a friend or a conflict with the parents, and the other day can burn you liked poetry, lyrics orquotes.It is also an excellent topic for a personal diary girl can write about animals.

In addition, you can draw pictures, paste photos and stickers of favorite cartoon characters, TV series or movies.And, you can make the "family tree" and paste pictures of your family in the blog.The main thing, remember this is your diary - write it all that your heart desires, all so afraid to say out loud, do not hesitate to express all my thoughts.

blog How to split into sections on different topics?

Themes for personal diary can be divided into sections according to your interests and events of your life.For example, you can create a chapter titled 'I loved. "Record in this part of your notebook you received compliments for your nice things, and record when they themselves do for someone a good deed.When you are sad, re-read these pages - you immediately become a pleasure, and the mood improves.

also a great section of the diary can be a story about your travels.Take notes on the trip, it is pasted tickets, photos, write about the journey, what impressed you most of all, remember that.Write down all your thoughts literally and finds - and you will never forget the bright moments of your adventure.

At a young age is particularly interesting to interpret their dreams, so you can create a partition in the personal diary of your dreams and their interpretation.It will be particularly interesting to re-read them from time and ensure the veracity of the interpretation of dreams.

If you love to cook for yourself or together with his mother - will be useful to you the theme of cooking.Write down your favorite recipes in a separate section of the diary.

Maintaining a personal diary - an exciting and interesting to do.Ability to self-select topics for the personal diary helps to reveal your personality, provides a glimpse into the depths of his own soul, as well as permanently store the pleasant moments and experiences, which in the future may not be as scary as you thought originally.