How to cook pea soup

Pea soup - familiar to all of us a dish that has a very long history.His recipe is known in antiquity.As it turned out, in the II century BCthis soup sold on the streets of Athens.Even then, this incredibly delicious soup was very popular.Today there are hundreds of different recipes for how to cook pea soup.Which do you like best, you need to choose, trying different options.

How to cook pea soup, known in almost all countries of the world.And every nation has its own recipe.For instance, in Italy the soup added dry wine and cheese.In Mongolia - tomato juice and sour cream, and in Ukraine - a few cloves of garlic and cracklings of lard.There is a classic recipe, which has been adopted by almost all cuisines of the world - pea soup with smoked meat.Still would!Is it possible to find the best combination of flavors than the smoked meat and peas?

Preparation of pea soup

Now you will learn how to cook pea soup with smoked meat.Very pleased that such a high-calorie meal can not be called, but it has excellent taste.


- one kilogram of beef on the bone;

- a pound of peeled peas (not ground);

- 250 grams of smoked meat;

- 4 pieces of onion;

- 2 pieces of carrots;

- one kilogram of potatoes;

- one head of garlic;

- a bunch of green onions;

- 100 grams of vegetable oil;

- pepper, salt and bay leaf.


Prepare pea soup with smoked quite simple, but still need some training.To begin, clean the vegetables, wash and soak the peas veal.

Before you cook the soup, a good rinse 5-7 times peas.If this is not done, the taste of the soup will not the best.Leave peas covered with water and let it stand up to the moment when you need to put it in a pan.

Put the meat in a pan and fill it with cold water.Of course, you can cook vegetarian pea soup, but it is not even close to be as delicious as the soup with smoked meat.

Mistress with experience recommend it to cook pea soup with beef on the bone.So it turns out the most delicious and nourishing.And the veal calories less than any other meat.In general, half of the success depends on the preparation of pea soup is how delicious is the broth.

Before cooking the broth, clean and wash the vegetables.Now, dice onion half and half carrot sticks.Once the water comes to a boil in a saucepan, pour the vegetables in it.Cook the meat about 40 minutes, taking off when you need to, foam.

As soon realize that the meat is ready, remove it and place on a plate - it is sure to be cool.

Pour pre-soaked in water peas in a saucepan and simmer with the broth.At this time, separate the bones from veal, cut it into small pieces and pour into the pot, where boiled peas.The remaining carrots grate and diced smoked.Fry them in vegetable oil.While they are fried, dice the remaining onion.

Fill the smoked onion, stir and fry everything again.Once the onions will get a golden color, put in a frying pan grated carrot and put all the stew even minutes 15.

While the ingredients fry, cut the potatoes into slices and put it in a pot.Pea soup should simmer for another 10 minutes, then season with his zazharki.Now, again, all mix and simmer for approximately 10 minutes.Then chop the green onions, peel the garlic and cut into circles.Pour it all in a pot and add the bay leaf.

again mix well and let the soup simmer a few minutes.Then remove it from the heat, close the lid tightly and allow some time brew.All your culinary masterpiece is ready.Now that you know how to cook pea soup, and see what makes it quite difficult.

Bon appetit!