How to cook khinkali: science and life.

Caucasian cuisine is impossible to imagine without such dishes as khinkali.They resemble their appearance Russian dumplings, have similarities with Ukrainian dumplings.All is explained quite simply: are khinkali is minced meat, which is wrapped in dough and cooked in boiling water.

If we look at the etymology of the word, the suffix "al" indicates the plural.Apparently, we have in mind the fact that resemble khinkali bag, tied with a rope.When they rolled up, the test turns out a lot of wrinkles.This is the first aspect of the khinkali dumplings and dumplings.

Many housewives want to impress their households original dishes, so often prepare Georgian khinkali recipe is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

main secret of how to brew khinkali, is contained within them to the broth.This is the pinnacle of culinary skill of every housewife.

Care should be taken so that the dough maintained its integrity was sealed, and the broth in any case without overflowing.How to cook khinkali?

So, to prepare khinkali you need the following ingredients: a piece of fatty beef tenderloin, lamb, a few cloves of garlic, onions, cilantro, parsley, a bit of fresh mint and a variety of spices, such as black, red pepper, coriander,Zira.Do not forget about salt.

First of all, the recipe how to cook khinkali, begins with the preparation of the test.For the test you need to take a kilo of flour, two eggs, about three hundred grams of milk, vegetable oil and salt.

The secret to khinkali test is that it is not enough simply knead, you still need to give it a brew.For the preparation of the test you should go very carefully, especially if you are cooking for a couple of khinkali.

in the pelvis or deep bowl pour the flour, break two eggs into it.There is another option: in the center of the table, pour the flour, make a hole in it and break the eggs into it.If you believe the advice of the housewives, the second option is preferable, but here you can not be afraid to get dirty once again.

in the flour and then add a spoonful of salt.Recipe how to cook khinkali, characterized by the fact that Teto mandatory should be salty, but there should be very careful in any case can not overshoot the mark.

Then add the flour in a glass of milk and a bit of vegetable oil, then the test should be how to knead and to bring to desired consistency.

Note that the dough should be elastic, homogeneous, it should not stick to hands, or spread on the table - in other words, is to find a middle ground.

Once the dough is ready, it should be given time to infuse.Typically, forty minutes is enough.

According to all the recipes, how to cook khinkali after preparation of the test is to do the preparation of meat.It is usually scroll through a meat grinder.The meat must add the onion, spices and salt, and garlic, mint, cilantro and parsley.In the beef you need to add the meat broth.Typically, it takes about two hundred grams.Pour it into the stuffing must be in small portions with stirring stuffing.Bouillon in any case can not break, otherwise it will not remain in meat, and in the modeling dough khinkali will tear.

After the dough and the stuffing are ready, you can proceed to the next step - you can mold khinkali.The most important thing here - to make as many wrinkles and collect them in a knot.

khinkali How to cook?This is best done in boiling water or broth.Fragrant and delicious, they are obtained if the cook them in the broth.The water in the pot should be a lot, but khinkali, on the contrary, should be enough.It is necessary to separate them until cooked.

During cooking, make sure that the dough in any case not torn, otherwise the dishes khinkali you do not get.

Once khinkali will pop up, you will need to boil them for about ten minutes, after which they can be removed from the heat and serve.