How to cook lasagna at home?

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Nowadays there are plenty of ways to prepare exclusive dishes that offers modern cooking.Lasagna - one of these, it is original and incredibly tasty.Classic recipes have long been refined and enhanced with new products.In this article I would like to suggest how to cook lasagna at home on their own.So, where to start and how to form this wonderful meal?This was on.

Lasagna - Cooking at home

must start from the test for this dish.Of course, you can buy ready-made leaves specifically for lasagna, but cook them yourself is very simple.To do this you will need:

Olive oil - 40 ml;

Flour - about 550 g;

Eggs - 2 pieces;

water - half a cup;


Use only the sifted flour you want to pour into a deep bowl.Now make a small depression in the hill and break the eggs.Then pour the water, olive oil and a little salt (about half a spoon of tea).Then knead the dough to make it elastic and homogeneous.Now put the dough in a clean pot, cover with a towel to keep it dried up and leave for half an hour at room temperature.

must then divide the dough into several parts, then each plate roll out thinly and cut into long strips.These test strips should be covered with a paper towel.Such pasta for lasagna get much tastier than store bought.

Next you need to start preparing the sauce.Traditional climbing is considered bechamel.Products for the sauce:


Butter - 3-4 tablespoons;

flour - half a cup;

Fresh Milk - 2 cups;

pepper, salt.

initially need to finely chop the onion, then place on a hot pan, pour the milk and stir thoroughly.When the mixture boils, it should be cool and strain through cheesecloth.Now melt the butter in a separate pan and pour the flour there.Fry until it becomes golden brown, then pour in the milk of strained.This should be done very carefully poured the milk slowly, stirring constantly.Then add pepper, salt and boil for about 18 minutes over medium heat.Prepare the sauce to cool.

How to cook lasagna at home with cheese and meat

To prepare you will need:

bechamel sauce - half cup;

leaves lasagna - 1 package or cooked alone prescription above;

Stuffing (pork, chicken or beef) - 1 kg;

Tomatoes - 2-3 pieces;

Pickled cucumbers - 1-2 pieces;

Garlic - 4-5 cloves;

cheese - 270 g;

green basil, oregano;

pepper, salt;

olive oil.

With this recipe, you will learn how to cook lasagna at home insanely delicious.

First you need to warm up the deep frying pan without oil and put it on her minced meat, then fry until boiling the juice out of it.Then add to the meat of the olive oil.While fried minced, it is necessary to rub grated tomatoes and pickled cucumbers cut into small cubes.Then chop the herbs and garlic to squeeze through the press.All products are mixed together, add salt and pepper and add to the beef in the pan.Fry all together for about 18 minutes, then sprinkle with grated cheese and cook until it melts.

Next to proceed to the formation of the lasagna.To do this, take the pan and coat with olive oil and two tablespoons of bechamel sauce.Then gently put lasagne sheets, so that they partially cover each other.Then lay out the filling and pour sauce on top and cover with another soem leaves lasagna.On top sprinkle with grated cheese and place in oven for about 22 minutes.

As you can see the process of cooking quite creative and interesting.It should also be noted that instead of stuffing can be used vegetables and mushrooms, in which case it will be a vegetable lasagne.Now that you know how to cook lasagna at home easy and delicious!