How to make a paste cake

excellent material for creative imagination - sugar paste!It is indispensable in the decoration of cakes and modeling of various products, which will decorate your culinary creation.And what develops and useful exercise for kids!It is unlikely that someone from the family members refuse to take part in this exciting process.

understand how to make a paste can help you a few tips.You should know that it is of several types, but its main component - is sugar.The choice you have a mastic sealant and gelatin with condensed milk.Be sure to pay attention to the quantity and range of products that are included in its composition.This will determine the time of hardening a starting material.

How to make a paste that dries quickly?It is necessary, if the guests on the way, and very little time.In this case you have to use a recipe based on gelatin.If you require a more flexible pliable mass for the manufacture of small parts or figures, use milk option.

To learn how to prepare the paste cake, we need to clarify what tools we need to do.This board and rolling pin for rolling, a round knife (this is usually used for cutting pizza), kitchen scissors, a roll of polyethylene and food line.

Getting the cooking process.First we step is as follows: soaked in cold water package agar (gelatin).It's simple, there are instructions.Gelatin must good swell.Transfused swollen gelatine in a pan, put on a small fire.Bring to a boil, but do not boil, otherwise it will spoil.Remove from the heat.

How to prepare a paste for cake - the second stage.Pour the sifted powdered sugar on the table in the form of slides.Pour gelatin made recess.Getting to batch.Kneaded to the state until the consistency will not become plastic, supple and smooth.Do not state when the weight starts to crumble.As soon as she began to come off by hand, stop the process.Roll into a ball and be sure to wrap in plastic wrap, or it will wither.

The recipe for a cake mastic


  • powdered sugar - 600-650 g;
  • agar - a package;
  • cold water - 60 ml;
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.l.

If you want to vary the color scheme, it is added to the paste, liquid food coloring.Use only a part of the total weight.Make the notch, pour a few drops and knead again.Ready bead and wrap the polythene.Products of this type of mastic too hard when dry, so they are unsuitable for consumption.

The recipe for a cake of mastic on the basis of condensed milk implies the existence of the following ingredients:

  • powdered sugar - 180 g;
  • condensed milk - 250 g;
  • milk powder - 200 g;
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.L .;
  • brandy or cognac to taste and desire.

principle of preparation consists of mixing products.The dry ingredients are sieved.Pours slide on the table, pour condensed milk into the recess.Everything else - as in the first recipe.Products of this mastic is quite edible, although they dry out over time.

How to make a paste consistency correct?If you have turned mastic too krohkoy, add the lemon juice.If, by contrast, sticks to the hands, fix the position of powdered sugar.Add the required amount.All products of mastic is stored for a long time.Just for this, create the right conditions.Well suited dry cardboard containers.

How to paste - it is the original decoration for desserts based on gelatin and condensed milk - we have examined.But that's not all recipes mastic.Another type is prepared on the basis of marshmallow (marshmallow candies).Since it is extremely easy to operate, it does not make you nervous, clinging to the hands.