How to build a cube-Rubik 4x4.

perfect occupation for arms and head - the puzzle.They develop memory, logic, motor skills, learn to focus and relax - in short, very useful, and both children and adults.

Make it a rule to hold breaks at work is not for a cigarette or a cup of coffee with a donut and a puzzle in his hand.Very soon notice how you feel good, look happy, the brain began to work accurately and quickly - all of this will certainly impact on improving your mental, emotional, and financial condition.The most compact (enter even in a handbag), popular and entertaining for many years puzzle - a Rubik's cube.


In the late eighties of the XX century by Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik has patented the world's best-selling puzzle - the magic cube (Rubik's Cube, or - in the nation).And since it can be found almost in every home.Both children and their parents are happy to twist and twirl "smart" toy, trying to collect scattered around the edges of the elements in a multi-colored image.However, not all are successful.The trick is to know the circuit assembly.Today we will talk about how to work with the 4x4 model.

To understand how to build a cube-Rubik 4x4, you need to present the design of its ancestor - 3x3 model - in space.He has three internal axis around which revolve the external elements - twenty-seven cubes.In a face consists of nine squares of the same color, only 6 faces - 6 colors.

have a copy with beveled edges and elements of various shapes and sizes, such as squares and rectangles in one cube.For children to draw squares franmenty pictures as a puzzle, which makes assembly more interesting, but it is much more difficult.Adult fans of Rubik's Cube into squares applied to the numbers, there is little to collect the verge of colors, we still have to figure standing in the correct order in each of them.

Today, there are a lot of modifications - 2x2, 4x4, 7x7 or even 17x17!Championship on collecting Rubik's cube at a time.Professionals surprise surrounding the ability to collect a puzzle without looking!Last record speed assembly put Pole - 8.65 seconds, the Italian gathered cube with one hand 9.43 seconds.With eyes closed collects this immortal toy maker behind her compatriot 26.36 seconds.The shortest way to the correct result - twenty moves.The most original performance - assembly feet of 27.93 seconds!

But we still try to understand how to build a cube-Rubik 4x4.Outset: learn to work with this model, can those who have the skills to collect its predecessor - 3x3 cube.

basic rules build

main objective of the preparatory phase - lead to the cube 4x4 cube 3x3 type, then assembling the Rubik's Cube 4x4 will be much simpler and easier.To do this, you must first build centers cube - is 4 inner square of the same color.

Important!There is no fixed form 4x4 center, that is placed color (central Quartet) you will want to own.Further, if you rotate only the outer edges, the location of the center are not compromised.

After, you will get points for the places, the same should be done with rib pairs or angular elements.Displacement of the outer faces exhibiting cube so that during rotation of the pair of left and right edges of puzzle elements come together on the edges.

After this task the question "how to build a cube-Rubik 4x4" would not seem so complicated - it is almost a cube 3x3, so use the well-known formulas, methods and techniques.


But last rotations may occur parities - the complex situations in which the color squares may be positioned incorrectly and precedents in the cube 3x3 does not happen.

years of experience and effort lovers of puzzles led to the identification of all possible parities and the development of algorithms for solving these problems.

4x4 Rubik's Cube: circuit assembly

For added convenience, there are illustrations in the article with the steps on the way to the correct solution of the puzzle, including the situation of parity.

If you are careful, diligent and follow the above tips, you'll soon do you teach friends how to build a cube-Rubik 4x4!