Create and edit PDF.

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Portable Document Format, better known among PC users as PDF, was first introduced in late 1993.In the nearly two decades since its "birth", he scored an unprecedented popularity and became not only be used on computers running different operating systems, but is firmly entrenched as one of the most popular among mobile devices.Owners of e-books, smart phones and PDAs are no longer imagine my life without this unique and easy to use format.In this article you will learn what and how to edit PDF quickly and easily create a file in this popular format.

Initially, the company Adobe Systems has developed this format to enable users from around the world could easily print text and graphics on a desktop printer.But over time, PDF has become one of the most popular formats of various documents, Kojima and remains to the present day.Creating PDF documents usually takes place without the participation of "ordinary" users - in this format extends a huge number of electronic literature, various instructions, design projects or magazines.But what if there is a desire or need to be adjusted or a small revision of the file?

PDF Editing can be done in several ways.Let's take a closer look at each of them, and then you yourself decide which option to choose for themselves.

most common software for editing PDF-files is a software from the creators of the format (of Adobe) called Adobe Reader.This simple application allows the user to bring in ready-made minor adjustments files - delete, or swap pages, rotate them if necessary "cut."To make a more serious editing of its format, the same company offers the users use programs Acrobat Professional and popular graphics package Adobe Illustrator.Taken together, this software is a powerful tool for making changes to PDF files.

Many experts suggest you to edit PDF is not bulky programs from Adobe, but using tools from third-party developers.Among them are very popular PDF-XChange Viewer, PDF-Viewer and Foxit Reader.In many ways, these programs outperform "adobovskie" products - to work they require less memory, and some changes (for example, adding comments and annotations) with them to make the finished document much easier.

If more than one editing program you for some reason do not fit, you can use one of the online services to change the PDF.But due to the fact that this kind of paperwork required to send original documents to the server online editor difficult to obtain guarantees of confidentiality and to exclude the possibility that your document will be able to read the outsiders.

Finally, let's look at the options with which you can carry out editing of PDF to "OSes" Linux.One of the most popular solutions - it is converting PDF document pages into a format «* .ps» (it can be done with the help of Okular, Kpdf, Adobe Acrobat and many other "browsers" our format).Then open the files in the application GIMP, edit and use the utility psjoin, convert them back to PDF.

Another popular solution for the format from Adobe in the Linux environment programs are PDFedit, PDFescape and Flpsed.

To edit PDF ceased to be a difficult and tedious job, you can try to work with PDF files in several of the above methods and choose the easiest and / or interesting.It should be noted that the developers of this popular format does not guarantee stable operation of PDF-files with applications from third-party manufacturers and is recommended to use only products from Adobe.