As animals teach their young to hunt?

No matter who is in front of us - a bear, a lion, a cheetah or a hamster, his mother is a very important function - it nourishes, protects and teaches the baby to survive in the environment full of dangers.Considering how animals teach their young to hunt and what methods they use for this, one can understand the supreme wisdom in relations between the adults and the younger generation.And let the relationships in the school or the family of any animals seem to us sometimes violent, often behind them is the iron logic that allows to survive the whole family.

How to learn to hunt meerkats

like animals teach their young to hunt, it is possible to begin to consider the example of a very charismatic animals belonging to the mongoose family and living in southern Africa - meerkats.

extraction of these higher animals, always living in large families, are mainly large insects, baby birds, snakes, and sometimes small rodents.And as soon as the young meerkats are growing so that in addition to mother's milk, they need food and other adults to take their first hunt.

However, initially only the kids are watching, what do older and mining already get sacrificed.But over time, they will be offered more live insects or rodents to a teenager could play with them to practice the skills of hunting.When meerkat becomes an adult, he has to earn their living by yourself, with your family carefully combing hunting.

Wolves - highly organized hunters

very creative and clever hunters are wolves.To better understand how animals teach their young to hunt, it is worth a closer look of these predators.Everyone knows that as the production they choose weak or sick animals during the chase to overtake easier.But not only it helps medics forest while hunting, have in store many ways to make it successful.

Wolves try to get close to the coffin unnoticed as close as possible.But during the rut, and used a lot of tricky tactics.For example, in the mountains, they are driving the deer to the precipice from which they did not dare to jump.A moose in the woods wolves sent to the snow-covered ice crust where these heavy hoofed simply fail, or iced pond where elk legs leaving.

About ruthless hunting talents wolf pack tactics and says defrauding the terrible bulls one of the hunters, while others with impunity to the selected youngsters.And this they successfully pass the younger generation, which, by the way, touching concern the female and male.

How to teach young wolves hunt

To teach the cubs to produce their own food, the adults take their hunting, giving the young the opportunity to watch her.But before that, it must pass a lot of time.

not reached one year of age puppies (called profit) in the family is the youngest.They are usually about 5 per pack, and they are in full charge of the adults.Playing together under the supervision of the cubs born last year (pereyarkov), which is 1-2 in the family, they develop the dexterity and strength.A wolf, returning from the hunt, often brings them strangled, but has a live arm for training.

first cubs are hunting only six months old, where strict discipline and respect for elders are trained in all the subtleties of stalking and assault.

Features of education in cheetahs

A particularly vivid examples of how animals teach their young to hunt, you can see the cheetahs.The female of a strong representative of the cat family brings their kids no mouse, no!She drags them catch gazelles and antelopes, giving with such a "visual aid," the opportunity to train.

more live prey tries to escape and catch up with its young.Moreover, if the object of hunting still manages to escape, the pupils-"Losers" are left without dinner.And then, as young animals are taught to hunt, is very successful method because it has a direct interest in the outcome.This is not just a game, but a struggle for subsistence.

On the hunt cheetahs take their kittens four months of age.And they gradually become nimble and dangerous predators.Although, of course, a long time will not be able to do without the help of the hunting of adults.

Transferring skills posterity - an important element of education

learn how to teach the young to hunt animals, you can talk a long time, especially since this is different species in different ways.But most animals it is the mother of the younger generation shows how to chew grass or hunt for a mouse, in which situations is to enter into a fight, and when to hide.

kids hone their skills in games with each other, and parents (and then often helps his father), grasping child began to play the withers give to understand when to stop.

Some animals, such as seals, cast their young in the early days after birth.However, the latter have an adequate supply of fat to survive for some time without food.And some children drop out gradually, leaving just during the hunt farther and farther.So in the animal world there is another independent individual, which in the future will have to learn to hunt, and, therefore, survive.