How to overcome aerophobia?

aerophobia (fear of flying planes) can not be regarded as a defect.It is fear, and fear lie deep in the subconscious mind and are rarely subject to explanation.Yet this is no reason to waste time, and sometimes opportunities (eg work).We need to try to overcome yourself ... And for this, it is worth a try:

1) to find out the reason for his fear.Aerophobia often precedes a bad previous experience of flight, or a drop of perhaps another factor, for example, you have seen the movie with the plane crash.To find out you can own, or turn to a psychologist.Then you have to try to convince yourself that this time everything will go well and there is no reason why something can not work out.

2) sedatives and sleeping pills.Several radical way and the most effective.Inflate yourself hypnotic and slept the entire flight, not solve the problem, and the body receives a hard blow.Calming and did the same may or may not work, or to bring you to a state vegetable.

3) an information vacuum.Before the flight, do not overload yourself all sorts of information: do not watch the news, do not read the newspaper, limit contacts, especially with the "advisers."The media loves to paint in detail the catastrophe, to report the number of victims and unearthly meal in which they died.Quite often, the content of such doubtful news, the facts are not proved, the victims may be much less or not at all be.So you should keep mind.

4) properly plan the flight: advance purchase tickets, make a visa, come to the airport with time to spare.In general, do not make yourself an extra hassle.

5) do not drink alcohol, energy and soft drinks.Again, it is not necessary to spur the body once again.Better a few drops of valerian.

6) being in a plane, find yourself a distracting activity: an easy read a book, watch a movie, preferably comedy, eat.

7) try to have nothing annoying: undo collar, comfortably sit in an armchair, the sleeping neighbor otpihnite, stretch your legs, place something under the neck.

8) helps breathing exercises.Breathe in steadily and deeply for you to hold your breath.If you start laying your ears - pozevayte or chew gum.

9) Try to sleep.

10) if you feel a panic attack, try to talk to neighbors or call a stewardess.

In fact, there is no absolute way to get rid of the fear of flying, but you must try.Busting several times and fly somewhere by plane, you will begin to understand that fear is gradually disappearing.Do not miss the opportunity and speeds.

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