"The Old Man and the Sea": a summary of the story

Stories of Ernest Hemingway's short stories are always taken from life and have hidden meanings that can unravel, just think carefully read the product.The writer himself was simple and open person, so it works the protagonists are the ordinary people who sympathized with Hemingway."The Old Man and the Sea", a summary of which allows you to understand the immense talent of the author, tells the story of a fisherman who is the embodiment of human strength, perseverance and invincibility.

old fisherman Santiago has 84 days comes home without a catch.Before him fishing boy, his student, but after the constant failures of his parents have forbidden to go to sea with the old man, and sent to the other boats.Synopsis "The Old Man and the Sea" tells more about the strong friendship of two such different people.The boy loves the old man, and he was very sorry for him, to somehow help his teacher, Manolin met him in the evening and helps to refer tackle home.

fisherman was very poor and lonely, his difficul

t life Hemingway in colors described in the novel "The Old Man and the Sea."Summary of the story takes the reader on the day when a man promised the boy that today he just caught a fish.The fisherman went to the sea in the early morning, he was used to this way to while away the days, staying alone with the waves.The man is a continuous dialogue with the birds, fish, sun.Very strong sound relationships and feelings that have for each other the old man and the sea.

Summary shows how good a fisherman is aware of the habits of all marine life, to each of them, he is on his own.After some time after the departure of the sea, the old man feels that his line was stretched.He understands that he has caught a very big fish, but pull it beyond him.Production does not want to give up and pulled the boat in tow further away from shore.

human strength, perseverance, self-esteem and excellence - all of this is described in the story "The Old Man and the Sea."Summary reveals to the reader a sense of all fisherman, he suffered for many hours of the fight with the fish.He could cut the line and let it go, but did not want to give up, although a lot of respect for their prey persistence and thirst for life.The next day, the fish floated on its side, and the fisherman was able to finish her harpoon, then he tied her to the boat and went home.

smelled blood, the boat began to approach the shark, man fought back as best he could, but they still tore huge chunks of flesh from his precious booty.Man sailed home late at night, the entire fishing village was asleep.In the morning, going fishing, saw the boy crying on the shore of Santiago, and his boat was tied a huge ridge of snow-white with a large, sail-like, the tail.Manolin calms fisherman and says that now will only work with him.

Hemingway was able to uncover the real drama in the novel "The Old Man and the Sea."Summary carries the reader in the morning when wealthy tourists gather on the shore to stare at an unprecedented miracle - a huge fish skeleton, but none of them did not understand what really happened.