Kuprin "Garnet Bracelet", or love that passed

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Love.It is because of this feeling put on the first place in his work, Alexander Kuprin."Garnet Bracelet" introduces the reader to a successful woman, Princess Vera.She is loyal and faithful to her husband, but the feeling of love for him has been lost.Once, two years before her marriage, she wrote a letter and explain in love with an ordinary official of a noble heart.But she rejected him.She understands the feelings of this man - this is such a love of which all the women dream.But think about it, she does not want.The author introduces us to love as a rare gift.

What shows us Princess Faith Kuprin?"Garnet Bracelet" describes the fading lady.It resembles a monotonous autumn, which is in the nature of slumber.In such slumber there her entire family.There are very strong relationship, but have no feelings.Therefore young woman ceased to strive for love, she avoids feelings, therefore, according to its status, he was "amiable down" and "cold all."

Zheltkov loving it never loses sight of her.He can not tolerate such changes in the beloved.Her regal calm and austere simplicity hides in her constant concern about the future and the expectation of something fatal.Her chase bad thoughts.So in love with a young man he brings to the day of her angel gift.In an accompanying letter, he wrote that because of this trinket Vera will be the gift of foresight and bad thoughts will cease to haunt her.It belonged to his great-grandmother thing.According to legend, she saved the men of his kind of violent death.Then, the donor deprives himself of this magical protection and gives an heirloom for the happiness of his beloved.

Gift enamored man and the name of the story invented himself Kuprin - "Garnet Bracelet".Summary of the story can not convey the full depth of the drama of this story.His things are moving slowly.Please describe the trouble of preparing a dinner dedicated to the birthday girl, receiving honorable guests.Prince presents spouse earrings with pearls.They are precious.Pearls - a symbol of spiritual purity.The pomegranate - a symbol of not only love, but also the blood.The symbol of the fatal love.

Where did the story for this story Kuprin?"Garnet Bracelet" was written by credible history of the telegraph, hopelessly in love with the wife of the governor of one of the Russian provinces.However, in real history, he gave his beloved inexpensive gold-plated chain, the pendant on which the author has been turned into a garnet having a dramatic and subtle meaning.It's quite appreciated the public when first published Kuprin "Garnet Bracelet".

author makes comparisons between the amazing experiences love with a man and extols his way over other heroes.He is the prince Shein conscientious man, his wife Vera clean, amazing woman, but their communication environment it puts lower because it is entirely domestic.Love it lost.And all of this becomes clear when they meet with a truly loving person.

makes no sense to transfer the contents of the tragic events, loving nobility of soul and text of the letter, which was written Kuprin."Garnet Bracelet" must be read and reread personally.