How to cook beef goulash?

Goulash is a very popular dish.Therefore, there are many options for making it.Each brings its own flavor and adds a new ingredient.But, nevertheless, there is the basic recipe with a minimum number of products.In this article, we will focus on how to cook beef goulash quick and tasty.

First we need to choose the right meat.It is not necessary to remind once again, that it should be young and fresh.Quality meat - is the key to successful cooking.After washing it, do not forget to dry well, using a paper towel.Excess moisture in the process of preparing any meat is not necessary.Well, in principle, all the basic rules.And if you're wondering how to cook beef goulash very quickly, you know - it's meat requires more time, so that eventually it turned soft and gentle.Moreover, the preparation of meat goulash implies longing for a long time.

Prepared meat cut into pieces not larger.Size of cutting depends on your tastes, but smaller pieces cook faster.Then fry them in a frying pan with vegetable oil.Then sprinkle with flour and fry for a while.Now you can put meat in a container in which it will be extinguished.If you want, you just fry it in a casserole.Fry the onion to the point until it becomes transparent.We spread it to the meat.Then blanshiruem tomatoes.Incise the skin of crosswise and omit them first in boiling water for one minute and then into cold water.You can then easily removed peel.Tomatoes are very finely cut or grind using a trowel.Now you need to add to the cauldron tomatoes and a little broth or some water.We put it on the included plate and wait until the liquid comes to a boil.After that diminish the heat to low and leave the beef stew.The cooking time ranges from about 1.5 to 2 hours.Before you remove the stew from the stove you need to add salt and pepper and squeeze a little garlic.

Here's how to cook beef goulash, without spending a lot of time for preparatory work.In the meantime, the meat will stew, you can do any chores.

can cook beef goulash with potatoes.In this case the complete dish, which does not need to file a garnish.Meat to wash, dry and cut into medium-sized cubes.Potatoes are also clean and cut into large cubes not.Onion, chopped finely, fry in a pan until transparent.Get enough sleep to his ground paprika, salt and pepper each.All mix thoroughly.Then we spread the meat on a frying pan and quickly fry it.To do this, we make a big fire.Fast roasting allows you to save all the juices in the meat.Then pour in the pan a little broth or water and leave to stew.Pans cover with a lid.That's all you can do in the casserole, unless you have a large frying pan.

Meanwhile clean the carrots and bell peppers and cut them into strips.Small hot pepper chop very finely.After an hour of longing beef add chopped vegetables and stir.After an additional 15 minutes to spread them potatoes and add water or broth.But fluid should not reach the top of the dish.Simmer until cooked potatoes.Then add the crushed garlic in a cauldron, and turn off the stew.We serve after 20 minutes.

even easier to make goulash beef multivarka.To do this, lay out all the ingredients in multivarku.Then add a little water, and includes a function of quenching.After 1.5-2 hours the dish is ready.Serve, sprinkled with crushed garlic and herbs.

Now you know how to cook beef goulash in several versions.Choose any recipe and raduyte their home fragrant and hearty.