Tablet laptop with a touch screen: the advantages and disadvantages devaysa

Tablet laptop with a touch screen to date is a very popular device does not only in the West, but with us, even though these devices appeared on the market recently.The number of happy owners of a tablet is growing every month.So what is the reason for the interest in such a device?

Tablet laptop with a touch screen: the advantages

1. Touch the screen.Undoubtedly, the presence of such a display, which is able to replace and the computer mouse and keyboard, it's a big plus.With such a screen to work very convenient, especially during the execution of common tasks - drawing up the plans, schedules, viewing mail.

2. Lightweight and compact.Touch Tablet laptop weighs about polukilograma, and the thickness of the device is not more than one and a half centimeters.Such a device can easily carry with you everywhere, to take on business trips and vacations.

3. Easy to read books electronically.Tablet - an alternative to the same electronic books that allow you to read books in different formats.But th

e main thing is that you can read the text by using the vertical orientation of the display.

4. Tablet laptop with a touch screen - ideal for business meetings.Touch screen tablet allows you to see the picture from different angles and from different angles, that is perfectly in order to make a presentation or business meeting - all participants will be clearly seen what you show them on the screen.

5. built-in 3G and Wi-Fi, thanks to which you have the ability to quickly access the Internet.At the same time use the network with the help of a tablet is much handier than using a laptop.

6. The multimedia capabilities.Tablet laptop with a touch screen allows the owner to watch movies on the go or listen to songs.Many current models of these devices have built-in web camera and microphone.

7. The speed of work.Despite the fact that the tablet into a laptop loses power, the majority of sensory devices provide a high-speed operation with a number of standard applications.With office applications and the Internet, you can get started instantly, just a touch of a finger.

Tablet laptop with a touch screen: the shortcomings

Everyone knows that the portable devices in addition to the advantage of necessarily have disadvantages.Consider the disadvantages of tablets.

1. The problem with the launch of "heavy" programs.The plates are ideal for a quick start to work with the majority of office applications and the Internet, but these devices are not really okay to cope with the launch of specialized programs, such as Photoshop.For this to work it is better to fit a laptop or desktop computer.

2. Display.Tablets used in the display, as a rule, is not a high-resolution, high-quality video to view in comfort, for example, or a series of full-length TV film.Additionally, a special protective layer on the screen several degrades the brightness.

3. High price.While this is the main drawback of touch tablet notebook.For such a device you will have to pay twice as much for a very decent netbook.At the same time in our country, the price of the device is too high, when compared with the United States and Western Europe.So not every Russian can afford to take and just get such a compact and multi-functional equipment.

Despite the shortcomings that we identified in the study of touch tablets, evident by the fact that they are extremely promising devices, which soon will press strongly with other members of the computer market of portable equipment.