How to enable Aero

Each of us, taking advantage of the operating system is trying to do everything and set up so that it was convenient to work, but in view of all this should be pleasing to the eye.The developers are also thinking about it, which led to the emergence of such innovations as the Aero mode in the new versions of the operating system Windows.

At its core is the Windows Aero user interface used operating systems from Microsoft, from version Vista.This interface is present in all versions of Windows 7, as well as beta Windows 8. Next you will learn about the basic components of the interface and how to enable Aero.

main components:

- Aero Glass allows you to make the headlines in the windows and panels transparent.

- Active sketches allows you to use Flip 3D and Windows Flip to view the contents of the windows.

- Active taskbar thumbnails are miniature images of windows that appear when you hover the mouse on them.

- Windows Flip is a new kind of menu for switching between windows.

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- Aero Shake is designed to minimize all inactive windows.

- Aero Peek is used to display the contents of your desktop, for which there is no need for minimized windows.

- Aero Snap is designed to maximize the window by moving the mouse on the floor or on the screen.

How to enable Aero: sequence

Before enable this mode, check the video computer to meet your specific requirements.It requires the use of the following:

- graphics adapter that supports DirectX 9 and WDDM 1.0 or higher.For example, download NVidia such parameters have all the cards that were released starting with the GeForce FX;

- your computer must have at least 128MB of available graphics memory;

- requires a special video driver for Windows Vista / 7, with support for architecture WDDM.

If you care so much about the question of how to enable Windows Aero, you can say that it does not provide any special buttons.It can be activated by a specific set of actions: go to Start - Control Panel - System, in the window that you need to find your computer's performance evaluation.If the score was not made earlier, you should do it.When the evaluation process is completed, the window you will see a description of how many points the operating system your computer is appreciated.Windows Aero requires for its assessment of the work of not less than 3.0.When evaluating according to the minimum level or higher can be switched mode Aero.This can be done by entering the Start - Control Panel - Personalization where and select one of the mode.It is possible to customize the appearance of the interface by changing the color of the window.Here you can set colors for Aero and include headers and the panel with transparency.

However, if you are concerned about not only the question of how to enable Aero, and set it up, it can be useful to follow the instructions.To open the advanced settings, you can go to the advanced options of the system, now want to change the parameters of speed visuals.Here you can make the choice of enabling or disabling Aero, as well as the ability to choose to ensure the best performance.

Of course, this is possible and complete the setting, but if you care about the question of how to enable Windows Aero, if the index performance does not reach the required mark, that for this there are two alternatives.

In the first evaluation are invited to trick the system performance.As the test results are recorded in a regular file xml, then it can be corrected with a text editor.The second method involves the compulsory inclusion of the regime through the registry.

So, now you know how to enable Aero Windows 7, we can only enjoy the new features of the system and expect that there will be something new.