How to do a French manicure yourself?

French manicure - this is an excellent and versatile nail design for women of all ages and social status.The secret of its unprecedented success in the fact that it is appropriate for virtually any event.Qualitatively made French manicure - this is a wonderful win-win for business meetings, visits, beach and all the ceremonial events, including weddings.Today, service

French manicure has a beauty all at a reasonable price, but it is really to learn to do it yourself.Suffice it once to study in detail how to do a French manicure and a few times to practice.It should also be noted that full implementation of the design of nails usually takes about an hour - but the result is worth it.

How to do a French manicure

In order to do a French manicure, you will need:

  • 2 types of varnish (one white for the line of the tip of the nail and one - all pastel translucent colors (you can choose the color of ivorypeach, light gold, light pink and so on at your discretion);
  • transparent basis;
  • special outline strip for manicure (when you perfectly master the skills of guidance thin clear lines, no such slips can be and do);
  • nail file, tweezers for burrs, scissors;
  • to steam bath with salt or a special tool + gel to soften cuticles.

Step 1: How to Make a French manicure - preparation

First remove polish remnants of the old varnish and degreasingthem. Then, on 10 minutes need to put your hands in the tub with hot water, apply a little on top of the gel to remove the cuticle.

Give shape nail file nails.Cut off the excess, process the edges.Usually selected for the French manicure nail square shape with rounded corners.Polishing the surface of the nail, nail file special polishing, then my hands to wash them all too much, gets wet cloth.

Step 2: How to do a French manicure - applying foundation

applied to the nail base for paint, which will extend its life.The layer should be as thin and transparent with a touch of your choice.Wait until the paint is completely dry.

Step 3: How to Make a French manicure - nail tips do

Carefully stick the stencil on the tips of the nails so that their tips are free.These tips cover a special white paint and wait for about 5 minutes until dry.Then, the stencil can be removed - you have to get a smooth and nice tips.If you do not want every time messing with stencils, you can learn to make their own tips of the nails with a special white lacquer with a fine brush.You can also further process the tip of the nail whitening pencil on the inside.Now on sale there are many tools to help correct application of color on the nails.Typically, this is a special fluid in the form of pencils, that you can carefully remove the flaws incorrectly drawn lines.After drying the white lacquer coat the entire nail the final translucent layer of varnish.It may be matte, glossy or even with small sequins.It is also desirable to apply a protective layer on top of the transparent color.

your perfect French manicure is ready, if you did everything right and have chosen quality means it will last on the nails up to 7 days.

order to your nails always look well-groomed, and you do not have a time to spend time on their further processing, we recommend at least a couple of days in a month to leave them free to breathe without coverage, and use special care products for the nails and skin around them- creams, emollient and nourishing fatty oils.It is also recommended to make regular strengthening and whitening mask nail.