How to destroy a successful career: bad advice

«Why, why did not improve in the post?" - Once again you ask yourself a question.- "It seems to be clever, college-educated, well to do the job, and again ahead of some boring, whose head alone figures!»
We present below a list of "bad advice", see if there was anythingAbout you?
If you find similarities with their behavior in the workplace, it's time to change, not to destroy the root of a successful career!

• Most often be late without explanation.Or conversely, tell us more stormy night.Let colleagues will be aware of all the details of your personal life, because of which you are late for work.
• Take sick unnecessarily.Basically - on Friday and Monday.Do this regularly.Colleagues are not as quick-witted as you, so never guess that Friday you need to prepare for the weekend, and Monday - the leisure and "treatment" after a weekend
• On the need to deal not only with the fact that the charge chef, but histhings: for example, you need to have time to make up your nails, take time off to the barber shop for a couple of hours ahead of time to leave work on someone's birthday or enjoy a cup of coffee.No, better than a few cups of coffee in a row, to have time to find out the latest news from a colleague.And you need to read a glossy magazine, and to answer all the letters in the "Classmates".

• gossip about all your colleagues.Who, if not you, bit dull office environment?
• Anyone who is willing to listen to you, tell me how you hate your job!Tell me, what is the treasure, you have to work for a pittance, suffer seizures patient on the head chief, who with the stubbornness of an old ass for some reason does not want to push you through the ranks!By the way, often criticize the boss.Surely he would hear this information, and it will reflect on your behavior!
• talk for hours on the phone discussing his private affairs.After all, what Kolka again changed his Maschke will be more important than this boring report, which is necessary to prepare for the evening.
• drinking on the job.On the corporate parties can all relax, walk so to walk!
• Ignore the dress code.You're a woman fashionable, so instead of a pencil skirt and white blouse you today in leopard outfit, tomorrow wear tights with flashy design and a short red skirt.
• No need to adjust to the chief, under the team, why change yourself, your character in order to please someone?Better to let them suffer your temperament.
• Never admit their mistakes!Never!In your case - to blame someone else, but not you!
• Never express their opinions.After all, it is no different from the majority opinion.
• Do not help others if you are asking for something that is beyond the scope of your job description, do astonished, uncomprehending look and slowly, proudly, listing all their duties.
• Never grateful for the help of other employees.All winning attributes to himself.
• When the next job from the boss did not bother with concrete figures, exact calculations, there is no need to rely on facts and predictions of experts.You know better after all.This light head just can not go wrong!
• Oh, and do not need to rush to perform the task on time!If they have to - they can wait!
• And when the boss finds fault (of course, for nothing!), It is necessary to start with him flirt and ogle.That's exactly it disarm!
• Suppose you have on the table will be a creative mess.Reports - grammatical errors.The documents to be signed - crumpled and shabby.Really, it is a trifle!
• Forget about self-improvement, training courses, workshops and seminars.It is necessary to you?
• downplay his accomplishments.Forget about their victories.The main thing - focus on mistakes and failures.
• Surrender at the first failure.Throw up their hands and consider yourself a failure.After all, "cushy" places are already occupied, and can only be lucky "an acquaintance."
• Guidelines do not need to know about your ambitions, career plans.Be meek and herbs in the department, quietly doing their job, and maybe then you will be noticed.

Following our advice, you completely lose not only the hope for a successful career, but also, perhaps, a job!
So be careful!

Horonzhevskaya Eugene

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