How to turn on the camera on a laptop.

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Many of today's laptops and netbooks have at their disposal the whole technological arsenal for comfortable work in the Internet.And, of course, he is not without a camera by which the user can hold video conferences and send your friends photos and videos.But not all users know how to turn on the camera on a laptop.In this article you can find the answer to this question.

First we need to make sure that the laptop actually mounted camera.It is often located in the central portion of the upper half of the laptop directly above the display device.Sometimes manufacturers embed next to it a small LED (he will signal that the camera is turned on) or make devices near the eye speaking for himself inscription «Webcam» or «DigiCam».If these signs of the presence of the camera could not be found, you can look for information about this in the data sheet or operating instructions of the laptop.Then you can move on to the question of how to turn the camera on the laptop.

most often run the built-in camera device by pressing a simple key combination.For example, almost all laptops companies «Asus» this is using a combination of «Fn + V» (in this case on the key «V» you can easily find the image of the camera).But do not despair, if you could not find on your device this combination.There are several options on how to turn the camera on the laptop.

First, you must make sure that all drivers and software for the built-in camera is installed.If something is missing from the software, you will need to go to the web page of the manufacturer and download from there all the missing tools and programs.The most common in laptops from popular brands such software is used as a «Willing Webcam», «Webcam Plus!» And «Active WebCam», but for a specific notebook model may be appropriate, and other software.After installing all the necessary drivers, the camera will turn on automatically when you start the appropriate program.

But how to turn the camera to the laptop, if after installing all the necessary software, it does not want to run?You can try to launch the program manually.To do so, click on its tab or run the utility from the Start menu.The camera on the laptop or netbook in most cases, then immediately turned on.

Another sure way to make the built-in camera work - is to turn it from the "Control Panel" (it detects the user running the famous left-clicking "Start" menu).In the "Control Panel" find a section called "Scanners and Cameras", and there choose a built-in camera.After launching this device must immediately turn on.

If none of the above methods did not help to achieve the goal, you can use one of the tools from third-party developers.Hundreds of these programs, you can easily find on the Internet, but prior to the launch, it is desirable to check all downloaded files Antivirus.You can also visit the official website of the manufacturer of your notebook.Often this resource to find information about any of the third-party programs are ideal for a particular model.

should not be forgotten that, in some cases, the user does not even have to break his head over how to turn on the camera on a laptop.This is already taken care of the developers of popular programs to communicate via the Internet.For example, after installing and running one of the most popular programs for communication entitled «Skype», the laptop built-in camera will be launched automatically.