How to Soak skewers of pork.

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about how to soak skewers of pork properly, we first learned, visited Georgia.Admittedly, the Georgians - real aces in this matter.Yes, and home to the kebab is considered to be the Caucasus.It has to try kebab Armenian.But they do not use the marinade, considering that it spoils the meat.Enjoy a salt and spices.Also it turns out very bad, but the Georgian "mtsvadi", served in the welcoming sun of Georgia, like so much more.

Now we are preparing skewers themselves without even paying attention to the beautiful packaging of supermarket reading "skewers of pork in vinegar and mayonnaise."No comparison!

most often chosen for barbecue lamb or lamb.For our markets, this product is rare, and therefore this time we take to prepare pork.

Generally, when we asked how to soak the skewers of pork (or lamb), answer: Start with a good company, the mood, the freshest meat and fruit trees.

Indeed, the most delicious and fragrant barbecue is being prepared on the vine or fruit tree wood.Pine and spruce are generally not suitable.Too strong smell and a lot of pitches.And it does not benefit.

Roasts skewers the heat.Meat should be covered with a crust on top, keeping inside the tenderness and juiciness.Do not simmer the meat.And turn it often to evenly roasted.

ideal for barbecue neck of pork.Fit and cut, but it will be harder and drier than the neck of pork.Do not use frozen meat.Such meat (even neck of pork) has lost its quality and not get rich, tasty and fragrant.Perfect ribs and brisket.But then it is better not to use skewers and grill.

now to the specific question "how Soak skewers of pork" ... the specific question: what exactly you want to achieve?

There are two options: to soften the meat and make delicious quality meat?It depends on the purpose and the very way of marinating.

quality fresh meat is usually marinated for about an hour, no more than two.Onion and spices Georgians do not regret.How much meat as much and onions.Plus, spices and herbs.The basic kit includes pork, ground black pepper, cilantro, parsley, basil, tarragon, and, of course, onion and salt.The lamb add parsley, rosemary, basil.

Greens do not need to be cut, after cooking it is simply removed.The meat does not cut into pieces, and the pieces that will keep the juiciness after the fire.the small pieces of just dry up and become, sorry for the mockery of the Russian language, family crackers.Prepare barbecue man.That is the custom.Women only serves ready-made meat.

as a marinade can also use wine.White dry.Instead of vinegar.Similarly, add the onion, peppers, spices, salt, herbs.In this embodiment, the meat is marinated for five hours, but better - overnight.Then you get and the softness and juiciness.

another option.Sliced ​​meat soaked for 5-7 hours in a highly carbonated mineral water.Then add onion, spices and salt and aged for another hour and a half.

last option to Georgian cuisine has nothing to do but get really excellent barbecue.

recipe for barbecue pork, or the subtleties of note.

It is undesirable to use a marinade mayonnaise.If only because he is undesirable thermally processed mayonnaise and soft and juicy meat, he will not give.

When pickling is desirable to add a little oil (vegetable), especially if you use dry spices.Oil enhance aroma of spices and the meat itself is more rosy.

instead of fresh basil is best to use dried.Fresh meat gives the bitterness and dry - only flavor.

Well, shish kebab to perfect the famous Georgian wine sauce "tkemali" and any salads.

Now you know how to soak the skewers of pork and cook it properly.

Prepare and enjoy!