How to become beautiful in 12 years in a single day?

know how to be beautiful in 12 years for a couple of hours, if the figure has a physical disability, a head crammed complexes, and the face is decorated with acne?Cinderella can turn into any girl, but to stay a princess forever, we need not only external but also internal transformation.Let us explore more deeply feminine beauty.

What does it mean to become beautiful and well-groomed in the understanding of adults?

Adult beauty often coincides with the concept of "health".This is understandable: the girl with red watery eyes, runny nose and dull hair is unlikely to cause admiring glances from others.

But there are internal diseases which impose a negative impact on the external beauty.When the girl concerned about pain, then willy-nilly on the face instead of a grimace of a smile appears, and instead of good nature "sees" outside aggression and whims.There are malfunctions in the body that lead to acne on the face, loss or graying hair, obesity and others. Therefore, we first need to improve their health, and beauty is easier to adjust.

addition to healthy adults appreciate the mind, a beautiful speech.Remember the saying, which meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind?This is true for both women and men, because no one wants to be in the company with a girl who two words can not bind.Beautiful young ladies and stupid boys quickly bored.How to become beautiful in 12 years intellectually?Listen to the advice of teachers of Russian language and literature, read books on ethics and culture of speech, the classics.

smile, good humor, cheerfulness - they are the following components of beauty.In fact, we are on the inner world of man.If you love life, then your eyes will always be light and shine that makes being alive and active, creative and cheerful.

course, figure and face are important in the world of adults, but everyone puts their meaning.Some men prefer slim and elegant ladies, others stare at the magnificent forms, third only interested in long legs ... Therefore, this term is replaced by a term such as "elegant appearance".

summarize: adults absolutely sure that you can be beautiful in their teens without surgery, tons of cosmetics, fashion accessories and piles.

Beauty in understanding adolescent

What is beauty in adolescents?Judging by the reviews on forums and conversations on sites girls see beauty in fashionable clothes, high heels, makeup, stylish trinkets (jewelry, handbags, belts), iPhone, crowds of fans, bad habits (this mat, jargon, swagger, impudence, tactlessness, smoking, alcohol).

What is the charm when it's minus 10 degrees, and a girl in a miniskirt or torn jeans in the latest fashion and top short klatsat teeth and stands with a red nose?Why imitate and compete boys, who are more and splyunet zamateritsya, smoke a cigarette and drink a bottle of beer, humiliate the weak and "bring to stroke" present pensioners.

Yes, boys can hoot and say, "That's a girl!" - But none of them would never consider such a person as his girlfriend.Why is that?Yes, just as any boy wants to see next to a princess, like every girl beside her prince!And then, imagine if his mother would hear your bad expression ... Be sure tactful mother will make every effort to communicate with her son educated, polite, educated and beautiful girl.

Steep and heaped iPhones, tablets, expensive jewelry and other accessories cause short-term interest in normal adolescents.These expensive things attract only the greedy individuals, who do not appreciate you in person.Also, crowds of fans around you to attract girls who try to swim in the men's attention by you.

What conclusion from the whole?We work not only on external beauty, but also on the internal world.First, consider how you can become a beautiful day, and then a long-term study on a daily plan.

Clothing and accessories

Clothing should be in the rhythm of the time, stylish and neat.Even if you do not follow fashion or can not afford expensive things, then watch the girls.No need to wear long dresses grandmother and my mother's sweaters, choose clothes means, but stylish and youth.

Some teens prefer "acid colors" in a bright dress and mixing palette.Here you need to note the following.On a walk with your friends, you can wear anything.In school, museums, galleries, the serious events better wear classic clothing such colors, which "does not hurt the eyes."

Dress for the weather.A girl in a light jacket and jeans to the navel with cuts in rainy and windy weather does not look pretty, but stupid.Pick clothes and accessories so that all things are in harmony with each other.Bright light green top with a huge red beads, yellow skirt and bright pink sneakers look like balls on the Christmas tree.Then how to become beautiful in the summer when it's hot?First of all, make sure the purity of his body to avoid unpleasant odors, and then pick up the clothes in accordance with the event.On the beach - bright and light clothes, and the gallery and the theater - classical model.

Clothes should be clean and ironed.Even a beautiful girl in a wrinkled shirt and dirty jeans looks sloppy.You can not be perfectly neat in dress, but do not let the obvious spots, wrinkles, slovenliness.His personality and character expressed in a bright accessory - a bright belt, bracelet, bows or original gum.Most importantly, choose clothes that will help to hide figure flaws.

hide lacks proper clothing

So, how to become beautiful in 12 years with the help of the right clothes?For skinny girls with small breasts should choose a bra with foam insert.Just do not overdo it with the lining, or you might be in an awkward situation.Round shapes will help outfits in horizontal stripes or large flowers.

If your figure is similar to a man's (pronounced shoulders and narrow hips), choose the model, which visually enhance your forms.It could be riding breeches or a skirt with ruffles and pleats.

Large girls should not wear tight things, baggy sweaters and long skirts.Determine what type of shape you (apple, pear or hourglass), and have a Pick clothes that will emphasize your strengths.Do not wear the same set that you are not being entrenched pattern that you wear only pants or long skirts only.Always be different, but not vulgar and frivolous.

little girl by vertical strips and shoes on a small heel, you can visually add to growth.But high girls should not wear mini skirts and short tops, which visually make you incredibly huge growth.

shoes and jewelry

All the girls want to wear high heels, believing that they will give their femininity and elegance.However, walking in high heels and platform may adversely affect the formation of the spine and feet.The heel should be no more than five centimeters.Choose comfortable shoes to keep your feet do not get tired, is not swollen and not swollen.

Clothing should be in harmony with the shoes, in spite of fashion trends.Now, most girls prefer pink sneakers with white laces.The model they wear with jeans and a skirt, and with a dress and with a sports suit.And if a short suit somehow harmonizes, the long dress with a shoe does not fit.

Here's how to become beautiful in 11 years in this case?See what the girls go to your school, class, region, and pick up on their capabilities dress in the same style.Young people are a popular jewelry, with arms covered with bracelets at the elbow, chest three or four chains or a plurality of beads, and in the ears adorn huge earrings.Be stylish, but not ridiculous.Stop your attention on one set of jewelry.

And another thing: do not need to repeat and copy their friends.They can go sunglasses, like a turtle Tortilla, commanding watch and a necklace of large beads, but you can make these accessories are funny and even ugly.Choose those decorations that will highlight your dignity.For example, a belt with a beautiful plaque draws attention to your waist, or long chain brooch - on the chest, the ring - with long fingers and stuff.

skin, hair, nails, hygiene

Wherever you go, make sure that the skin is clean, free of odors of sweat, her hair washed and combed.It is an old truth, but they are relevant to this day.Houses on the street, you can dress up in bright clothes, pick up the original accessories or makeup to emphasize their individuality and how to become beautiful in 12 years in a school where disabled and cosmetics introduced school uniforms?

right!Clean hair, neat hair immediately attracts the attention to your face.In this direction, the girls prefer long loose hair, believing it to their advantage.But believe me, long braid of hair or the original braids attracting more admiring glances.Her hair unkempt and girls are frivolous.

Clean skin eliminates the appearance of pimples, blackheads and unpleasant odors.Do not forget about oral hygiene, teeth, ears, especially if you wear a ring or earrings without removing.The metal is oxidized, an unpleasant smell, so wipe and jewelry, and leather ears, fingers.And watch your nails if you wear jewelry.They do not have to be long, jagged, bitten or layer.

Cosmetics at home and school

Before any access to the light of girls interested in how to become beautiful in 12 years for 1 day at home.Most often it comes to cosmetics, which can make you irresistible ugly or ridiculous.Beauticians are advised teenagers to do light makeup.What does it mean?Just to emphasize its beauty, but no more.For example, you have a long and thick lashes, then gently emphasize eye pencil;beautiful full lips, then use lip gloss.

What makeup can use teenagers:

  • eyeliner;
  • shade;
  • shine and bright lipstick;
  • blush;
  • powder or foundation.

But do not use all the right things.During the day you do faintly up: emphasize or eyes or lips.

How to become beautiful in 12 years in the school with makeup?In this case, you have to be most careful.Use nail clearcoat such as lip gloss and eyeliner.In rare cases when you need to hide the acne, black spots or shine on your face, use a powder.For discos, parties and evening walks can be made more eye-catching make-up.

Please note that the make-up - it's not make-up.Many girls emphasize their individuality black eyes, green fingernails and bright red lips.This eccentricity can frighten and shock others.

How to become beautiful in 12 years, if you're ugly ...

Alas, such phrases you hear from most teenagers.Every woman going through a difficult adolescence, but then turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful princess.And it was not physical tumors, and in restructuring ideas.

We must remember that there is no ugly girls!Yes, hormonal failure in the body and can cause acne and pimples, and complete ... But all these problems can be solved with time.Many girls simply slander themselves and do not see its beauty.One does not like glasses, the other - complete figure, the third - thin legs, the fourth - the nose, the fifth - thin hair, and so on. D.

Here's how to become beautiful in 12 years for 1 day at home in this version?Rubbish!Understand the hormonal, physiological and psychological changes in your body can last a couple of years.You can become a beauty for just one summer, or your transformation will take place in the university.No doctor will not interfere with your process of growing up, and can only recommend something to correct.

For example, glasses may be replaced by a stylish lens or frame;with thinning hair to make a short fashionable hairstyle or look after them (wash the herbs, make a mask);adjust crooked teeth using braces;curvy shape - no fasting and diets and physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

inner attitude toward themselves forms the outer beauty!

relation to itself - is the foundation of beauty.If you are told himself every day of his ugliness, it will turn into monsters.Do you know why?Our thoughts are material.When you aktsentiruete attention to spots on the face, you do not just say the word and confirm the negative emotions.Our brain does not understand irony, he feels your emotional focus on acne, and therefore clearly fulfills your requirement, covering various skin rashes.

If you do not love yourself, why do you think that someone will pay attention to you?Make every effort to accelerate its transformation into a princess.Then how to become beautiful in 12 years?Write out your shortcomings on paper and see how you can get rid of them.For example, you are overweight, then make a plan for a new lifestyle, which prescribe a proper diet, daily routine, motor activity, psychological auditory training.

Do not just tell yourself every morning that you love yourself, and demonstrates this to the organism.Begin to care for their thinning hair, wash them with herbs, make masks and scalp massage - and see that one day they will become thick, strong and healthy.

to be adequate in relation to themselves, write about everything in the diary, and attach pictures.For example, you decide to lose weight, then, measure your measurements in centimeters and weight, attach a photo, and a month later you will see the difference.


«I want to be beautiful!" - So says to himself every girl, but desire without action will not lead you to the result.If this idea began to visit you often, the urgent need to conduct psychological adjustment.

First, perform an exercise with writing out the vices and virtues of what is written in the preceding paragraph.

Secondly, for every bad thought about yourself immediately get a minimum of three-esteem, learn to tell yourself compliments.

Beautiful clothes, fashion shoes, expensive jewelry, cosmetics - it is not beauty, but an instrument of expression of your personality.Think about how to become beautiful in 12 years without makeup?This means that you need to pay attention to hygiene, beautiful speech, education, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, motor activity, spiritual harmony.Look beauty pageant and will see that a little to be beautiful, you have to be smart and savvy, able to express their individuality.