How to cook oysters

Oysters - it bivalves, which are considered a delicacy.They are relatively expensive, and because of their cost and palatability are associated with wealth and luxury.The high cost of this product, in addition to its good taste, is also due to the decline of populations of species of living organisms.

Before we turn to the question how to cook oysters, a little talk about how they look and where to live.As a rule, the oyster - a sink, which has pearl colored, with clams and juice inside.With regard to the taste of oysters, it is very versatile and is dependent on many factors, this can be compared with the wine.Depending on the area in which they are collected, they may be more salty, more sweet taste can be lightweight melons, and also have a mineral taste.The main habitat - the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, the bulk of the oysters produced in France and England.In addition, because of their slow population recovery have recently started to actively develop the oyster farm where the product is grown artificially.

Before we deal with how to cook oysters, you must know how to choose them.The main rule: they must be living, and sinks should not be open.A very important point: if the flap a little ajar - oyster use is strictly prohibited!In most cases, oysters eaten it alive.Determine alive clam chosen or not, can be as follows: shake the shell near the ear, if it is heard gurgling - clam is dead if you do not hear any sound, then the living as well holds on to the wall of the shell.Live oysters, as a rule, do not cook, eat them raw or fed to certain cocktails.A canned mussels in a salad or added to soups.

How to cook oyster?In the beginning, you need to carefully wash the sink with running water in order to completely wash away all the seaweed.Then you need to very carefully, better special knife to reveal the leaf mollusk.Eating them is completely raw, as already mentioned, as well as smoked, fried, stewed, canned, pickled, baked, and cooked in a double boiler.

There are many ways how to cook oysters, important to try to the maximum to retain all the nutrients of the product.They are quite a lot since oysters are rich in iron, copper, B vitamins, and shine at the oyster is not due to fat as it may seem at first glance, but a huge amount of glucose.It is for this reason that so useful oysters.

Recipe for them is quite simple.The most common way is steaming.For this to be an oyster in a colander set over boiling water and soak about 10 minutes, until most of them are not revealed.Those who for some reason did not open, food is not consumed.The secret of this preparation is that the water that is boiling under the oysters you can add different components, the taste of which then affect the taste of oysters.For example, you can add a little ginger, garlic, pepper, lemongrass, it all depends on the desires and preferences.

Many rightly believe oyster fount of energy and health.So when the question arises of how to cook oysters, the answer suggests itself, that the culinary processing in respect of this product can kill all the best.That's why many true connoisseurs of taste and gourmets not recognized for oysters no culinary treatments.They eat very fresh product, emphasizing the unrivaled taste of a lemon wedges.