legendary attraction Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov, "The Mystery of giant elephants' re coming on tour in Moscow

his famous attraction of Indian elephants talented trainer Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov will present a new program of Moscow Circus Nikulin" encore! ".

22 February 2013 on the arena of the Moscow Circus Nikulin start a new program, "Encore!", Which the authors will present guests bright classic circus divertissement featuring some of the best rooms of the world of the circus.Artists program - the winner of many international festivals of circus art throughout the world.

Program: "air gymnast on the rings" - Diana Pukhov, trained horses Anastasia Stykan, "dancer on the wire" - Olga Rozhkovskaya famous Air duet - Julia and Alexander Volkov, infecting optimism clown duet «Club House» - Alex and BellaSherr and others.

But the main gift for the audience will be a representative of the legendary attraction famous circus dynasty - Andrey Dementyev-Kornilov - a talented trainer of Indian elephants, who perform incredible stunts at the arena, according to experts, which have no analogues in the world of circus practice.

In the words of Andrew, the audience will be a surprise."They will see a whole new ride with Indian elephants.Especially for the tour in Moscow, we have prepared a brand new setting with the incredible beauty of the costumes, enchanting music and unusual choreography.I hope the public will appreciate "- with a smile, says the trainer.

Dementiev-Kornilov Andrey - graduate GITIS, director;a well-known trainer of elephants;a representative of the 4th generation of the famous circus dynasty Kornilov, whose history goes back more than 130 years;Head of a unique attraction, "The Mystery of giant elephants."

Andrew was born in a family of trainers, People's Artist of Russia - Taisia ​​Kornilova and Alexei Dementiev-Kornilov.The first exit to the arena of the future actor came when he was 12 years old, the circus on the colored Boulevard, with a light hand Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin - was entrusted with the role of a boy from the audience, which is displayed on a playpen, put on an elephant's trunk and one of his cool ason a carousel.Later, when my mother went on maternity leave, Andrew began working as an acrobat in his father's room with the African elephant.

After a terrible tragedy when his father - Alexei Dementiev-Kornilov crashed in a car accident, eighteen Andrew took over the team and made the elephant to obey implicitly itself as a new "leaders".Now he continues his father's work, combines dressage with administrative activities.He graduated from the directing department GITIS and wants to star in a movie, Yuri Nikulin, combining it with work in the circus.

"Our art, as well as theater, does not tolerate hypocrisy. Spectators will not spend - everything really," - says Andrew.And every evening, during a presentation he was shining artistry brings joy to the viewer, his every appearance in the arena attracts the attention of visitors, making believe that the art of the circus - only light and casual game, but a giant beast itself plays a role in the play.Circus fate did not let Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov from the path, which for many decades served and serve their ancestors!

Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov - the winner of the II International Circus Festival in Izhevsk (2009). And a member of the jury of the V International Circus Festival in Izhevsk (2012.), Winner of the Golden Prize at the V World Festival of Circus Arts in Moscow (2011)..


The attraction Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov "Secret elephants giant" take part 5 Indian elephant: Rango, Indra, Gerda, Pretty and Margo.All elephant girl, because male animals aggressive enough.It is like dealing with people, especially when they are praised.Wise animals - says Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov might know how to read minds.

Elephants - herbivores, so eat fruit (bananas, apples), vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes), bread and biscuits, as well as hay and twigs of trees and specially selected veterinarians cereal - cereal with added vitamins and minerals, sprouts of variouscereals.Bathed about once a week and before each performance they do manicure and pedicure with a special paint on the basis of chalk and reinforcing additives.

Sleeping elephants either standing or lying down.Every morning, doing exercises - playing with tires and run on the arena, then it is time to rehearsals.They are called the biggest giants of the land, which is why in the name of the attraction, we see "the elephants - the giants."

They love Andrew - a leader, partner and friend.He them, kisses and praise to bargain tasty treat - a pledge of kindness and understanding "artists" and their owner.

Rango - the oldest, and therefore - the wise elephant team, the leader of the group.In the circus she was brought from India, her grandfather was still working and the parents of Andrew.She is now 53 years old, but it also playfully, like others, works in an arena.Rango - movie star, on account of its more than 50 roles in movies.The audience has a unique opportunity to make a joint photo with the elephant ranks in the foyer of the circus!

Indra - the second oldest elephant - her 42 years.Originally from the island of Sri Lanka (India), where her name represent the name of God, the God of Thunder.No wonder this elephant warlike character - in any danger, she comes forward to protect others.It likes to eat.The performer of a unique trick - "elephant on the ball."

Gerda - a young elephant, brought to Russia from the island of Myanmar (Thailand), now she is 20 years old.By nature, she is very shy and refined.He loves affection.The attraction takes the original trick - balancing the front legs on the metal "bottle" (special props), while the trunk rotates hula hoop 4 and 5 on the back foot.Plans Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov bring this unique trick in the "Guinness Book of Records."

Pretty - girlfriend Gerda, also brought from the island of Myanmar (Thailand).Now Pretty 20 years.Coquette.The name has received for its large and very beautiful eyes.It therefore knows that it allowed a lot - for example, to get into his pocket and pulled out a trainer delicious banana.

Margot - the youngest participant of the attraction, she was only 3 years old (the age of the elephants is equivalent to a human).The baby was brought from China (Guangzhou Province).In the team she has found a foster mother - Pretty, is that each view in forgange (main exit artists) and worries about his daughter at the time, like the dancing and playing football in the circus ring.Nimble as any child - want to know everything and to climb where it is not necessary.Very talented - in a short time managed to repeat the trick on which the preparation of adult elephant takes years.Margo - a "son of the regiment," brought in a team 4 ladies - personalities and stars, so surely grow a grand artist.

remind you that the premiere of the new program of "encore!" With the participation of the attraction Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov will be held Feb. 22, 2013 at 19.00 at the arena of the Moscow Circus Nikulin .