How to cook pancakes from the potatoes and zucchini

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potato - the second bread.At least, that's what we believe in Belarus.With potatoes Belarusians know how to cook a variety of dishes, including potato pancakes.It is very delicious hearty meal, simple to prepare, but it requires the expenditure of some free time.I'll tell you how to cook pancakes from the potatoes, if you, of course, he still had not learned how to do it.

How to cook pancakes from potatoes

pancakes - native Belarusian dish, although there is something similar in cooking and other countries.Thus, Ukraine pancakes potato pancakes are called in Russia - teruntsy in the Czech Republic - bramoraki, and in America - hashbraun.Again, this is a very similar dishes, but not one and the same.It is interesting that even in the case of cooking pancakes were developed quite a number of recipes.Someone thinks that the pancakes you can cook a potato, which was smeared on a very fine grater.There are those who do the opposite, ie,baking dish uses only potatoes, grated on a coarse grater.Another interesting fact is that even the weight of the potato are of three types.Tarkovannaya potato mass, which is most commonly used for cooking pancakes, Blade mass (decanted potatoes), as well as cooked weight.Pancakes from boiled potatoes also turn out very tasty and satisfying.Well, let's look at how to make pancakes from potatoes.

Method 1

We need fresh karfetol, salt, flour.Wash potatoes, peel and grate on a fine grater.If you have very little time left, you can trust the process blender or food processor, but I must say that the pancakes will taste completely different, even with a touch of bitterness.So decide for yourself.Once shredded potatoes, should immediately start frying, otherwise it will darken.Do not forget to add salt to taste and a little flour (density), although I usually pancakes fry without flour.

Heat the pan and not spread it with a spoon potato mixture, fry on both sides until golden brown.Serve pancakes with sour cream or greasy fried.

Method 2

And now I will tell you how to cook pancakes from potatoes for improved recipe.Take a kilo of potatoes, one onion, carrots and eggs, three tablespoons of tablespoons of flour, vegetable oil, salt, dill, salt.

Preparation: Potatoes grate on a fine grater, add finely chopped mass of onions, carrots, fennel, then egg.Stir the flour and add salt to taste.The mass mix well.Bake the pancakes on a preheated pan until golden brown.The dish will turn out very tasty and unusual.The special piquancy to give him a carrot.Be sure to try.

How to cook pancakes from potatoes, you know.And have you heard that exact same dish can be prepared from zucchini.Personally, I have tried to do this and, you know, was satisfied.I did not think of zucchini pancakes can get so delicious.

Take two zucchini, three cloves of garlic, one egg and pepper, flour and salt.Zucchini peel, grate on the smallest grater.If you suddenly are too juicy zucchini, then a lot will have a little squeeze.Adding weight to squash squeezed garlic, salt, pepper, mix everything well and enter one egg.All again stirred well, add as much flour to the dough turned squash, like thick cream.Bake in the preheated pan until golden brown.Serve Pumpkin pancakes as you can with sour cream.

As you can see, cook pancakes not so difficult.Just some time will have to spend on training shingles, and in the rest of the whole process is quite fast.