When to do a pregnancy test?

delay the next menstruation is almost always causes anxiety in women.Some would hope and expect a happy time when able to obtain confirmation of the long-awaited pregnancy.Others, however, to imagine the horror that perspective and hope that in this period unwanted pregnancy is not confirmed.In a particular case for a woman of principle importance and ultimate reliability of the test accuracy of the result.

self-diagnosis can be performed at home, this is quite sufficient to carry out a pregnancy test purchased at any pharmacy, informed health portal "To your health!"(http://www.nazdor.ru/).Although there are quite a few options that are relatively low-cost goods, the essence of action they are essentially the same.The test responds to the presence in urine of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) - a special hormone that starts to develop after implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine endometrium.HCG hormone blocking of ovarian function and prevents maturation of a new egg.

On average, the level of hCG begins to rise from 7-10 days after ovulation, so there is the possibility of early detection of pregnancy - during this period should be in a laboratory blood test.Indications hormone levels up to 11 weeks of pregnancy is constantly growing and doubles every two days.To carry out a home test is best to wait until the fifth day of the delay, because the probability of a correct result in this period corresponds to 90%.Most manufacturers of tests assure that dipped into the urine test will give an accurate answer on the first day of delay.But official investigations have shown that the correct result in this case will have only 16 out of 100 women.

To protect themselves from unwanted experiences, before purchasing, check the expiration date of the test, make sure that the storage conditions were properly.Prior to its use, carefully read the instructions.Perform the test using first morning urine as it contains the maximum amount of hormones.

to determination of the difficulties should not arise: the two strips are a sign of the presence of pregnancy, one - the lack of it.The second line should be clear, though at first may not be as bright as the control.Check the result should be three to five minutes, but not later than ten.The appearance of even a weak second strip indicates pregnancy.Almost immediately appears on the test strip control, if that did not happen - low-quality test, and it is necessary to make repeated.