How to cook juicy chops Chicken

Chicken meat is very tasty and contains less fat than beef or pork.That's why chicken is recommended for those on a diet, as well as for children and the elderly.

Especially useful white meat chicken - chicken breast.This meat is rich in protein, but the fat in it is very small.Many do not like the dish of chicken breasts, as often turns out dryish meat.But if you learn how to cook white meat chicken, then this will be easy to fix.As a result, dishes will not only be useful but also very tasty and juicy.

chicken breast chops can be cooked chicken.For this dish, we need to take two chicken fillets or a whole chicken breast on the bone, two eggs, a couple of cloves of garlic, spices and breadcrumbs.

So, how to cook a steak of chicken, so she turned sappy?If the finished fillet is used, it must be cut into two or three parts depending on the size.If you use the entire breast is removed the skin, then remove the meat from the bones, divided into large and small fillet.A large fillet is cut into portions.

now put the pieces of fillet in polyethylene bags or wrap in foil and begin to beat in using cooking hammer.Exert too much effort is not worth it, because the meat is much more tender chicken pork or beef and too energetic action may fall to pieces.

Then, prepare the sauce.To do this, divide the egg and a little vzobem their fork (or whisk).Put the garlic, previously passing it through a press.You can also use a dry garlic seasoning.Our salt and pepper sauce, adding any seasoning to taste.For example, you can put a curry or ground paprika.Dip each fillet cooked in the sauce and add up the meat in a bowl.If the sauce is not all used, the residues can then be poured into a bowl of meat.Cover bowl with a lid or plastic film and put in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours.Even better, if you have the opportunity to prepare a semi-finished product in advance and give the meat to infuse 12 hours or even a day.In this case, having a semi-finished product, chicken chops can be prepared very quickly.

Before frying chicken should roll in breadcrumbs.Very well, if it's homemade biscuits coarse.Make these crackers simple.To do this you need to collect the remains of white bread, dry them in the oven and grind in a blender or use a meat grinder.

proceed to frying chops.Heat the frying pan with butter, boned chicken cutlets in breadcrumbs and fry.How long to keep the chicken on the fire should not be.It is enough to fry for 1,5-2 minutes on each side, as refried chops turn out dry and tasteless.

not like meat, fried in breadcrumbs?Then you recommend to cook chops chicken the following recipe.

meat prepared in a similar, but not pickle it, and immediately begin to fry without breading.Fried fillet lay in a saucepan or deep frying pan with bumpers.Fill the meat cream in which to make the density of the sauce added a little flour.Add the garlic to the meat, greens and stew with a slight boil for about 15 minutes in this case, chicken breast to get at least a juicy.

And how to make chicken chops in potato crust?To do this, you need to prepare the potato batter, rubbed raw potatoes on a coarse grater.Chicken prepared the same as in the previous recipe, that is cut, bounces and seasoned with pepper, salt and any seasonings.Now we have to beat the egg.Dip into it a piece of fillet and roll in potato "shavings".Fry these chops over moderate heat on both sides until crisp.

garnish for chicken chops can be anything - vegetables, potatoes, cereal or pasta.