If you have lost your passport during a trip abroad

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If a Russian citizen, to go abroad for short-term trip is without a passport, identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation, as a result of his loss, he is issued a certificate of entry (returnthe Russian Federation).The order of registration certificates regulated by the Regulation on the registration certificate to enter (return) to the Russian Federation, approved by the RF Government Decree number 1142 dated October 1, 1998 "On the implementation of certain provisions of the Federal Law" On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry to the Russian Federation ".

If, during stays abroad, you left without a passport (stolen, lost, etc.), you must apply to the Russian diplomatic mission or consular office in the country you are in. In return the lost passport in Russian overseas, you will beissued a certificate of return to Russia. The certificate is a temporary identity document of a Russian citizen and giving him the right to enter (return) to the Russian Federation.

In order to facilitate and accelerate the registration certificate and, therefore, return home, it is advisable to take certainmeasures beforehand.

First of all, before we recommend a trip to find out the address and phone of the Russian diplomatic missions and consular offices in the State in which you are going.In case of loss of the passport should contact the nearest Russian overseas.

Before the trip you must also make photocopies of the main pages (photo, personal data, registration mark) foreign and internal Russian passports and take them with you.During the trip, it is recommended to keep copies separate from the passport.In case of loss of documents copy of the passport will considerably simplify the procedure of registration certificate for return to Russia.It is also useful to keep a copy of the passport of relatives or friends, so that if necessary it could be quickly sent by fax.Confirm your identity in the absence of the documents you are two witnesses who are citizens of the Russian Federation.

Issuance of Certificate instead of lost passport carried Russian diplomatic mission or consular office of the written request of a citizen of the Russian Federation for the period necessary for entry into Russia, but not more than 15 days on receipt.

Calls on the issue of the certificate applicant submits:

- a document (report, certificate, etc.) issued by the competent authority of the host country (eg, the local police, law enforcement), confirming the loss of a passport;

- application form (application form is issued in Russian foreign);

- two photographs;

- documents that allow identification of the applicant's identity, to establish his place of stay or residence on the territory of the Russian Federation (for example, the military card, driving license, etc.) Or a duly certified written statements at least two citizens of the Russian Federation confirming the identity of the applicant.

certificate for return to the Russian Federation can only be issued after receiving all necessary information, consul of the applicant, excludes any doubt as to his identity and citizenship of Russia.

If the applicant does not have documents proving his identity as citizens of the Russian Federation and the place of residence in Russia, and there is no opportunity to submit written statements of Russian citizens who can confirm the identity of the applicant, the Russian diplomatic mission or consular post for inspectionsends a corresponding request to the authorities of the Russian Federation.In this case, the answer will have to wait on the outcome of ongoing Russian internal affairs agencies verify the identity of the applicant.This procedure can take quite a long time.Accelerate it is possible, if, for example, relatives or friends directly contact the bodies of internal affairs at the place of residence in Russia.If

near Russian foreign located far away from your location, we recommend to connect with his staff on the phone and get an explanation that will help advance collect all the required documents and expedite the issuance of a certificate of return to you on arrival at the consular post.

for issuing a certificate of return, as well as the performance of other consular acts, Russian foreign tax collected.The cost of the certificate of return in Russia varies from country to country (from 50 to 100 US dollars).

Upon arrival in Russia must be within three days to surrender the certificate stamped border checkpoint (placed at the border crossing) to the organization, which was issued the lost passport.The certificate is valid for 10 days from the moment of crossing the border and can serve as an identity card for this period.

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